My Internet Marketing Experience!


Hugh Hamilton Here!

I have been trying to make money online for many years!  In fact,  I started even before Global NPN was started .  And it was one of the first online businesses I ever tried.  I managed to generate 18 opt-ins to my NPN auto responder.

But, since none of them signed up I quit and went on to try something else.  I am not sure how many business opportunities I tried, but some I joined and quit several times over the years.

And now I see the problem as mentioned above.  I tried one after another.  Usually about one month.  I would quit when no one joined, and try another.  Never giving any a chance to work.

I must be the most stupid internet marketer ever to attempt to make money online for it to have taken this long for me to finally understand that it takes time to build any business.

However, I am also the most determined online marketer because through all these years I have never gave up my dream of some day building my own successful online business!   And I am doing it with Global NPN!

Hugh Hamilton Here! I have been trying to earn extra income from home for several years with little success! I am convinced that the main reason is because I was trying to earn money from home Now that I am with Global NPN I am no longer trying, but instead I am doing, and will succeed!

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