This is my WHY!

So a young cousin of mine reached out to me via whatsapp recently to share his anger, disappointment and helplessness of his life experience back home in rural Africa.

His story is not unique, and I’m not blind to his plight.

I have a laundry list of extended family members I help, but it’s never enough, nor do I ever want it to.

Looking back from where I came from, to where I am right now.. I cannot but marvel at just how fortunate I am.. but that is not enough. Being fortunate is ok by some, but for me, being fortunate means going to bed at night knowing all my extended family members had something to eat. Could be a loaf of bread, some tea, dinner, anything nourishing to sustain them during the long, often very hungry nights.

If you’ve never gone to bed hungry, you don’t know hunger.. not because you forgot or are too lazy to go to the shops, but because, there’s nothing in the house to eat, literally nothing!

I stand on the shoulders of everyone who’s made my journey what it is today.. I get to call the Pacific NW home, and I get to call the UK my second or third home, for that is where my wife hails from.

Still.. it’s just one person frolicking across the globe whilst my kinsmen back home go hungry!

I desire to not only send more, but to have everyone living here (wherever here will be) with me, us. I wake up each morning knowing full well someone, somewhere, is going to die because of mulnutrition, because they do not have the erquisite medical attention to sustain their mere existence.

My why is to make F*ck YOU money, a whole lot of it, so I can go to bed knowing the heartbeats of my family members beat closeby.

As I reflect upon the whatsapp text sent to me by my cousin, I feel anxious.. time, for him, is running slow, he’s helpless, frustrated, and has NO means whatsoever to pull himself up. He was born into poverty, we all are, but in the first world, the resources to change that, are literally a 180 to where he is.

I am in this to WIN.. I have no time for anything else, but to boost the giants who enabled me to be here, to get here!

This is not charity, nor is it an obligation.. it’s an honor, my pride and joy, to be of service, because where I hail from, it takes a village..

Have an awesome Now!