The Power of Referral Marketing to Increase Your Income

Referral Marketing Can Explode Your Income

This is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Generate a Recurring Monthly Online Income

If you can harness the power of viral marketing, you will never worry about money again

We recently selected our best referral marketing programs, expecting that each of our participants would refer 100 individuals, and the total income from these participants was over $5,900.

Using Free Apps & Nexus Reward Snap to Earn $5,900

For many marketers, earning $5,900 is no big accomplishments.  For our constituents, earning $5,900 could easily make the diffenece between paying the rent or becoming homeless.

The calculations for earning this amount of money meeant that each participants become premium members of one of our most popular online programs, Nexus Reward Snap. The subscription cost for this program is $49.95 (one-time signup) and then 9.95 per month).

This small monthly subscription would insure  an ongoing income (residual income) for the participants , it was necessary that they engage in a program that provides residual income and also provides ongoing savings and cashback on everything they buy going forward.  In fact, with the Nexus Reward Snap Program, participants will never Pay Retail Again.

Free CashBack Program

For each participant to get to the stated amount, they joined Nexus and then signed up for Rakuten and Upside.  These programs are free to join  and can be accessed in the back office of the Nexus Rewards Program.

When they join these programs and activate them, they have the opportunity of receiving $34.00 cash back on their purchases and can also refer the 100 new referrals, to reap the benefit of the $3400.00 in real cash money delivered via check or into their PayPal Account.

One of the members of our team Ruldolpho, claimed that cashback programs, if presented to the unhoused population of our city, Sacramento, CA, could help those individuals who were of sound mind escape poverty and the constant complaints of the rent being too high.

So, the opportunity for those engaged in this program to referr 100 individuals is simple on paper.  The solution for individuals who have an online presence and the money to spend, we offered  Global NPN’s program that guarantees 50 leads per month to the owner of a Global NPN membership.  This program will increase the income generated.

Unfortunately, California, my home state, leads the country in the most unhoused individuals.  The numbers are staggering.  The visual impact is worse.

The unhoused population in California is over 181,000, as reported by Auditor Farishta Ahrary, who stated, “The city faces a $66 million budget deficit, spent $57 million on homelessness during the 2022–23 fiscal year, and spent $34 million of it on maintaining about 1,300 beds of temporary shelter, or enough to house about a third of the city’s homeless people.

Overall, that’s about $26,000 per bed or $2,000 plus per month, which would equal the rent on a mid-range apartment in the city..

California not only has the nation’s largest number of homeless people but also one of its highest rates of homelessness vis-à-vis its overall population.

The last official count found more than 181,000 Californians without homes, nearly a third of the nation’s homeless population. When new data is released later this year, the number will probably approach 200,000.

Simple Solution to Poverty?

A new era of collective prosperity has arrived.

Past studies and surveys have shown that high-net-worth individuals overwhelmingly are the referred customers for cash back rewards products.

These cash back offers are typically offered for individuals who have credit cards. However, companies like Rakuten, SOFI, Upside and others type programs confirmed that the real market for the highest return to the vendor may be realized from the masses at the bottom of the income pyramid.

Nexus Rewards also realized that the Fortune may be at the bottom of the pyramid by introducing a revolutionary low entry income program that offers massive possibilities for residual income.

if you look at the face of network marketing programs which always offer the best chance for wealth to the masses.  A cash back rewards program tends to offer the best chance for

When you consider maximizing long-term value and strategizing around how inflation and daily spending break down, The Nexus Rewards cash back program provides the biggest payoff to its members.

Our Call to Action for those facing a financial Crisis is to Join Nexus Rewards Snap Program and change your life.  To get the consistent leads you need to fuel your ownline growth, NPN Global is the quickest and easiest way to generate a recurring monthly income online.  There is your 1-2 punch to kick lack out of your life.

Virginia Sanders is the mother of twin daughters and "Richnana" to her only grandchild. She is the owner of GinJoSu Web Services and Viral Ad Masters, home-based business marketing solutions. Virginia researches and creates marketing strategies for small business owners who need to create a viral business entity to survive in this digital economy. The company believes “If you can harness the power of viral marketing, you will never worry about money again