Bing – Searches? YES! But Making Money Using Bing For All of Your Advertising? Absolutely! 7-Step Strategy …

Bing is quickly becoming a top leader for people doing searches. That is great news for people who are looking for alternative advertising resources as well as good quality leads to sell their products and services to. However, all advertising is not created equal and adhering to certain guidelines is crucial for having your ads accepted and shown.

There are definitely things you must do to advertise on Google and there are also certain things you must do to advertise on Bing. By following the 7-steps in this article you will be able to have your ads showing in no time at all on Bing and getting some of their great quality traffic to your site

STEP #1Google: Forget everything you know about advertising on Google. Although Bing and Google are both top Search Engines they are totally different animals when it comes to their advertising platforms. What works on Google will sink you in Bing and vise versa.

STEP #2Keywords: Again, you must be a keyword guru when dealing with Google. The total opposite is true when placing your ads on Bing. This is one of the first and biggest mistakes people make when they place their ads on Bing. They start adding keywords which is a huge mistake on Bing.

STEP #3Cost: When it comes to spending money on advertising the cost is quite often misunderstood at best. It really does not matter what the cost per click is if and this is a big one – if the return on your product sells is covering the cost of your ads plus giving you a profit. Example: If your cost per click is $1.00 and it takes you 10 clicks to make 1 sell but your product sells for $20 then you are in great shape. Bottom line, do not be so concerned about the cost of your clicks as much as being concerned about your conversion rate.

STEP #4Amount: How much money you start out with is going to depend a lot on your budget but there is also one other very important piece to know. Starting out with a high budget to work with is not going to give you a better advantage. In fact, just the opposite is true. Starting out with the lowest amount allowed of say $5 or $10 a day will be perfect for what you want to accomplish. Start out first by testing the conversion rate on your product or service you are selling.

STEP #5Quality Score: Keep in mind if you use Google ad words right now that the way Google scores and what they measure is different than the way and also what Bing measures. As mentioned before, all advertising is NOT created equal.

STEP #6Competing: One key point to remember is online advertising is a competitive market and the person who strives for a higher quality score will end up with much better results overall. This includes how much you will be spending for poor quality as well as better placement.

STEP #7Analyzing Results: The more you know about your Bing ads performances the better quality ad score you will be able to achieve which will also enable you to get better pricing for your ads. Plus, you always want to know how well your ads are performing any way. This enables you to get a higher CTR (click thru rate) which should also help you with getting better conversions. That should help you make better sales giving you higher profit margins.

Bonus Tip! Increasing conversion rates using dynamic destination URLs with Bing ads is something very few people know about. Bing allows you to specify a certain URL attached to a certain keyword so when a person doing a search clicks on that particular keyword it takes them directly to that URL of the landing page you specified. This gives you a completely targeted prospect and a more qualified person looking to buy your product or service.

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