Day 1 First Blog Post

I’m so happy to come back to Global NPN.

With so many new features it was an easy decision to upgrade. I’ll be earning 100% commissions, and have all of the marketing tools and help to get me on my way to earning a healthy income online.

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Along with my NPN biz is Lead Skimmer. Developed by our founder Geoff Stephan, I now have income funnels that go hand in hand. Using my Mail Marketer Pro autoresponder (provided free with upgrade at NPN) I capture leads interested in Lead Skimmer, then convert them into paid members providing another excellant source of income.

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Thank you for all that you do Geoff,

Paul Bergeron


Paul Bergeron born and resides in London Ontario Canada. Online marketing for over 10 years. Since joining Global NPN and adding our sister site Lead Skimmer, my business and internet income have taken off. I have all of the tools to be a success right in my back office. Love golf, fishing and hanging out with family. Feel free to leave a comment below. Like, Tweet or Google + my blog would be appreciated.

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