Work From Home Success begins and ends with this…

I just got through reading an interesting post about how to find real success with a work at home business. Who doesn’t want success right? I mean there’s no point starting up a work at home business if you don’t have a vision to be successful.

That being said, just what is the number 1 key for achieving success in business? Well let me start with what is not the number 1 key for success. Now this list may shock you.

1) It’s not your program

Obviously the program needs to be legit with it’s own unique product, but it’s not “the key” for success.

2) It’s not your compensation plan

It does not matter how good or bad the compensation plan is, if you place all your hopes of being successful in the comp plan alone you’re going to be very disappointed.

3) It’s not your sponsor

Now don’t misunderstand me here, your sponsor can be a great source of encouragement and help, but if you place all your hope in your sponsor to somehow make you successful you will only end up failing at your business.

4) It’s not your up-line

Same as with point 3, up-lines can be an excellent resource of marketing knowledge, but don’t place all your hope with them to “make” you successful because it simply won’t work out for you.

5) It’s not how much money you can throw at advertising

Maybe you’ve got a substantial advertising  budget that you can invest into your work at home business, fantastic! But trust me when I say this, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you throw money at every kind of advertising source  out there, you’ll end up losing all your money before you’ve made your first dollar.

So what exactly does “work at home” success begin and end with? YOU!

That’s correct You Are The Key. You’re the only one that can ensure you’re own success. What do I mean be this?

It’s up to you seek out good marketing knowledge and then apply it. If you’re involved in a Network Marketing business, for example, get in touch with your sponsor or up-line and pick their brains for all the marketing knowledge you can get.

Then be sure to apply everything you learn. This is where YOU come into the picture as “the key” to your own success. You must be diligent to “apply” everything you learn. Sponsors and up-lines can only give you the knowledge, but it’s up to you to commit to apply it consistently. That’s the key!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Well this is how it is with online marketing. Sponsors and up-lines can lead you to the water, then it’s up to YOU.

You’re it my friend, it really is up to you to ensure your own success. Once you understand this, there will be no stopping you. Now obviously there are many “keys” to growing a thriving work at home business, but they all revolve around the number 1 key, YOU.







I absolutely love Network Marketing and I'm passionate about helping others to find success in their work at home businesses. Helping newbies off to a great start in business is my specialty.

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