Video Marketing Using Youtube – Part 2

Video Marketing Using Youtube – Part 2

In my last training, I explained how to set up your Youtube channel. In this training, I will cover why you should make videos and what kind of content you can use to create your videos.

First of all, most people rather watch a video than read a bunch of text. And Youtube videos really ranks good on Google and other search engines.

Video Marketing Using Youtube

Video Marketing Using Youtube: But I don’t know what my videos should be about?

You need to brand yourself. So you could start your video marketing with a video telling a little bit about yourself. You could also embed this video on your about me page.

You could do a welcome video and embed it on your side bar of your blog. But let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of content.

Here is just a few suggestions on video marketing: Product reviews, Affiliate programs, why you joined your business, and the list goes on. What kind of Youtube videos have you watched lately? Do a similar video. If you go on vacation, do videos of you having fun.

If you like to do training, you can record your webinars or you can use software like Camtasia and create your own training videos. If you go through a training course, do a video on what you have learned, just make sure it is in your own words.

You can add a video to your capture pages. Do some split testing with a capture page with a video and one with just text, and see which one converts better.

Video marketing will only work if you add a “Call To Action” in each video. If you don’t instruct people on what to do, they will do nothing.

One more thing, make sure you always smile and BE yourself. People will not watch someone who is unhappy for long. And if you are a Fake, people can see right through you. Would you watch a Youtube video of someone trying to be something or someone else?

Video Marketing Using Youtube: Doing the video is not enough

Just creating a video will not get you traffic. To get your video noticed by search engines you need to write a good title and description with keywords.

When you upload a video the title is automatically the name of the video. It is best to name your video with keywords before you upload it. Even though you can change the title in Youtube, Youtube actually stores the filename that you upload. So make sure you name your video the same as you would title it in Youtube.

When it comes to video marketing you have to fill in all the boxes. The text is what search engines will crawl. I say once again. I hope you understand how important it really is.

The description box is something that most marketers do not utilize. You can add 5000 characters including spaces. The first thing you need to add is a clickable link. Make sure you have the http:// or it will not be clickable. I always add my phone number, email, and skype. I want people to contact me.

Next I write a detail description dripping my keyword all through it. The most important part of the description is the first 164 characters, because that is what everyone sees when they click on your video. Make sure your clickable link and contact info is first. I had to repeat it because it is very important.

In your detail description, make sure you have a Call to Action. You definitely need a Call to Action at least once, but a couple more times will not hurt. Click the link below this video to get started would be a Call to Action.

At the end of your description, make sure you have your clickable link and contact information again. I also add my blog website if I am sending people to a capture page.

That is basically it. Just remember the description is just as important (if not more) as the video itself.

Video Marketing Using Youtube: But you can upload your video to other video sites, too.

There are other video sites on the internet. If you do a Google search, you will find them. Vimeo is another great one. But before you upload your videos to other video sites, you read their policies. Some sites will not let you upload videos that is business related.

Anyway, it is time for me to get started on another video. Please comment, like and share this training.

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Video Marketing using Youtube - part 2




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