What do you really need to build a network marketing business?

Building a network marketing – home based business??

Were you excited when you first joined your company?Success - what is your roadblock?

The product and company sounded so great – how could you possibly fail?

Most network marketing/multi-level marketing companies have fast start bonuses – hoping to inspire new distributors.  The roadblock that a large number of new distributors face is finding other people who want to do the same thing.

Do you understand what I mean?

If you do not have marketing experience, then it is definitely going to be a challenge to get going.  And this is exactly the roadblock that most people face.

The problem is not the product and the problem is NOT  YOU – the problem is the marketing system or really the lack of a marketing system that truly works.

Nowadays MLM distributors are heading to the Internet to build their businesses.  BUT  instead of building relationships and talking to people who are truly interested; they tend to spam their links on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

If you have tried this, you know that it does not work.

Working online does have many advantages for the network marketing home business owner.  But you have to be prepared to learn some new skills.

Using online marketing tools and a good marketing system you can:

1.        reach people who are looking for a home business without having to bother your friends, family, and others who are simply not interested.

2.       build an international business quite quickly

3.       truly work from home and set your own hours – instead of having to be out attending   hotel meeting and home party presentations.

So what is the ROADBLOCK between you and success in your business?

ANSWER:  Not having an effective, up-to-date marketing system.

A marketing system –  that is online and mobile friendly.

It is estimated that 5 billion people access the internet through mobile devices and about 1 billion through a desk top computer.   You need a system that will find the people who are looking for what you have to offer.

The best marketing system:

  •           Builds your email list of potential clients, customers, and business prospects.
  •           Brings new people into your business every month.
  •           Gives you the opportunity to expand your business into more products and services.
  •           Earns you more money.

The best marketing system is also easy to implement and easy to teach to your downline.  Why?  Because if you want your downline to be successful; you have to have a system that is easy to duplicate.

Also a good business marketing system:

  •     Is based on getting results
  •     Can be tracked so you know what works and what does not work
  •     Can be personalized to help you build credibility

If you are ready to really build your business, using a system that will help you grow your business, as well as, make you 100% profits generating leads, and you would like my assistance to show you how it all goes together, then take a few minutes to listen to 2 short videos.  Click to watch the first video, then enter your best email to watch the second video.

After watching the videos send me an email at corinne@corinnefloyd.com

Let’s talk,

Corinne Floyd




Corinne Floyd


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