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Many doubt the advantages of using an instant blog system for blogging.

Let me point out some of the advantages:

  • You don’t have to build a website

No setup required, it’s ready to go

  • You don’t have to worry about SEO

It’s already done for you

  • Getting found by Google

Global NPN already has top ranking in Google

  • Driving traffic to your site

NPN’s positioning in the search engines drives

traffic to your blog.

Want Proof?

…….Here’s 500 reasons

The instant blog is just one of the many tools provided by Global NPN as part of your membership.

We need certain tools and systems in our “toolbox” in order to really succeed in Internet Marketing. With GlobalNPN’s massive suite of marketing tools, you’ll find  everything you need right here.

Together We Can Make It Happen,

Pam McKeen






Pam McKeen

P.S: You too can have a blog site that is already set up and ready to go just like mine. It’s just one of the many tools provided by Global NPN.

Pam McKeen

Welcome to My NPN Blog As a Baby Boomer I was concerned about how to supplement my retirement income and ways to implement the internet to build an online business. I am passionate about helping others build their own online business and creating financial independence as well. I have chosen Global NPN not only to build my business with the extensive tools Global NPN provides but to provide financial freedom for myself and those on my team. Just click the buttons under my picture to connect. Together We Can Make It Happen Pam McKeen  

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  • Corinne Floyd

    Essential marketing tools, easy to use, and all in one place. What could be better? Great information about the instant blog. Thanks Pam.

  • That’s right, Pam. I love my instant, and I’m glad it was already for me. Nice post!