FOUR Secrets To Starting A Home Business

Have you been thinking about starting a home business?Home Based Business

Have you downloaded free, and paid, ebooks, videos, business programs, and plans just to become more and more confused?

I know I have…

I bet you have looked at about half of what you have downloaded, filed some away – who knows where – and started a few of them. Then you likely got frustrated, quit, and went back to searching. It is an addictive pattern.

Been there, done that….

What if I told you, believe it or not, that the struggle is all part of the process?


Because with each “download” you have the renewed hope that you will finally discover how to create a successful online business. However, at some point, you must stop looking for more ideas on starting a home business and focus on just one strategy for a minimum of 3 months.

Become an expert at one of these starting a home business ‘strategies’:

  • Keyword research and article writing
  • Syndication
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media

Four Secrets To Starting A Home Business.

1)    The First Secret Is BELIEF.

You have to reach a point where you truly believe in your own success. You arrive at your own understanding that nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. You will keep on keeping on until you succeed.

2)    The Second Secret Is Being OPEN TO CHANGE

It can be tricky because there are so many choices on the Internet; and the ‘rules’ according to Google are constantly changing.

This is where working with a team really helps; especially when you have team members who enjoy keeping up-to-date with all the changes.

3)    The Third Secret Is FOCUS.

It seems like a contradiction to being open to change; however, you must cope with change while narrowing yourself down to one technique at a time. Choose one ebook, video, group, or forum and stay with it until you have learned skills you can implement and you thoroughly understand. This can be a balancing act because all of a sudden another offer or ‘shiny object’ will come along and you have to decide whether to ignore it or ask for more information.

4)    The Fourth Secret Is ORGANIZATION.

Make a list of activities that become your daily, weekly, and monthly routine. Every week review your list to:

  • Cross things off,
  • Update,
  • And add new activities.

Starting a home business is a journey.

If you are reading this post, then you are thinking about starting a home business. By committing to your own financial success you are helping yourself, your family and hopefully others along the way.

I congratulate you on beginning your journey to starting a home business. I sincerely appreciate all people who take an interest in improving themselves and taking the responsibility for their own success.

Every great success is the result of a strong and sustained effort. I believe in giving people the information they need so they can make their own choices for building their businesses.

Together We Can Make It Happen

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  • Sharon

    Awesome post Pam…Your 4 secrets really are on point…especially 3 and 4. I have trouble saying focused an organized. Thanks for reminding me how important those 2 are for your business. A++ girl!!! 😀

  • Derrick Harris

    You hit it right on the head. I love the four secrets to starting a home base business. Especially when you pointed out about focus because that is my main focus is to focus. People fail just because they dont really focus on their business