Global NPN – Online Tools to Help Build Your Online Business

Global NPN is an amazing system that gives you a suite of marketing tools for your monthly membership. These are tools EVERY marketer needs to build a successful business online. 

The business opportunity part of the Global New Plan Network is set up as an MLM referral program.  It uses a forced 5X5 forced matrix in its compensation plan. Membership at the lowest entry level qualifies for a $5 monthly pay out per referral, while the highest membership level pays out $150 monthly per referral. There are six different levels of membership that increase the pay outs as the membership level goes up.  As with any MLM, there are additional pay outs that are available.

The products consist of link trackers, link rotators, website hosting, autoresponders, email blasting tools, ez mailers, capture page creators, blogging platform and more – This is just to mention a few!

Yes the products are amazing, but the compensation plan is truly phenomenal. There are 3 levels you can join at.

Global NPN PRO Level – $14 to join
Global NPN DIRECTOR Level – $4.97 for a 10 Day Test Drive
Global NPN GOLD Level – $99 to join

In my honest oppinion it is best to join at the GOLD level. This allows you to maximise your earning potential quickly with just 2 referrals.  The amount you can earn is based on what membership level YOU are at, and what membership level THEY join at.

If you are a PRO level member, the maximum referral bonus you can earn is $5.00 per month for each of your referrals. If someone joins under you at the DIRECTOR or GOLD levels, you will still only earn $5.00 for each of them.

If you are a DIRECTOR level member, the maximum referral bonus you can earn is $25.00 per month for each of your referrals. At this level you can earn $5.00 for any PRO members you sponsor, and $25.00 for any DIRECTOR or GOLD level members you sponsor.

If you are a GOLD level member, the maximum referral bonus you will earn is $65.00 per month for each of your referrals. At this level you can earn $5.00 for any PRO members you sponsor, and $25.00 for any DIRECTOR level members, and $65.00 for any GOLD level members you sponsor.

There are 4 ways to get paid in Global NPN:

1. Monthly Referral Bonuses
2. 5×5 Downline Commissions
3. 100% Matching Bonuses
4. Upgrade Bonuses 

Global NPN – 4 Ways to Get Paid Including 100% Matching Bonus

Gala Paschalidis

Hi, my name is Gala Paschalidis and I am passionate about Networking and Making Money Online. My story is pretty much like most, having jumped from one program to another without much success. I love the online industry. It has helped me to develop skills in helping myself and others to reach their grand potential. Thank you for visiting my blog and please take the time to comment below and lets connect and inspire each other to do the same.
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