The Homeless and Shelters- Mostly For The Women

My idea of what is right and helping other is apparently different from the people that run homeless shelters. Tonight I worked at the Coffee House in Milwaukee and a homeless lady came in, very distraught. I tried to find her shelter at several places, one of them being my favorite charity, Casa Maria, turned me down because they only take families. I had to put this lady out on the street. I could not take her home, as they told me to do, so this poor lady is out there and I feel very bad. Where are the real homeless shelters in this city, My wife said she  hoped  if she was ever in need,that she will find some place that is “truly” a shelter and not just in name with exclusions and exceptions, like ids and families only that will take her. There is no real charity left in this great city and I feel like I waste my time trying to help out.

I can’t believe they refused to take her in because she doesn’t have a family. That’s certainly discrimination! Aren’t single homeless , or single  battered women allowed shelter and protection? Because they didn’t have children are they punished as outcast and have charities doors closed to them?