Importance of Goal Setting ~ part 1

I have decided to post you all a 3 PART SERIES BLOG POST starting from PART 1 being Setting Goals for yourself. This allows you (the goal setter) to map out your life and start thinking about what you truly want and how to truly get there. Instead of just wishing for it and seeing how it just pans out, we can all move towards our goals by first listing our goals into three categories:

  • Short term – 1 Year
  • Medium tern – 1-3 Years
  • Long term – 3+ years

Funny thing is only 3-4 years ago I did this very same task. I ticked a lot of them off just by having it in my textbook. HOW you say? Well we will get to that in another PART to our “Importance of Goal Setting” story.

Here is just a condensed version of my goals so you wont have to read pages of someone else’s goals. Over time I will add posts to reveal the ones that have manifested into my life, so stay tuned and inspired.

Short Term GOALS (1 Year)

  • A continual strong happy family and environment
  • Earn a minimum of $1000/mth online
  • Upgrade the family car
  • Pillow Pets for the kids
  • Be able to slow down in life pace and have some more chill out times
  • Regular golf lessons in place

Medium Term GOALS (1-3 Years)

  • Pay of all debts
  • Build a successful foundation that assists in improving autism in Australia
  • Buy kayaks for the family
  • Be in a position to send my kids to any Private High School without any financial struggles
  • Get the ideal garage built on current property

Long Term GOALS (3+ years)

  • Go on dream family holidays every year
  • Finish my counseling course
  • Be a part of a centre x2 a week helping families that face autism daily
  • Earn a minimum of $10,000/mth online
  • Invest in gold bullion and store in a secure vault for retirement

Of course goals can change in a few months and that’s okay. A new list can be created. Writing about what your passions gets very exciting especially when you start ticking them off!




With courtesy of ,  members are able to be directed by tasks daily to empower them in business and mind. Thank you to Joanna Rogers for the exciting tasks on Goal Setting that has reminded me the importance of a refresh and get down to business…my dreams…my desires.


Stay tuned for Part 2 on the lesson
on the “Importance of Goal Setting”!


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Poifile LK

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  • Great post Luba! Looking forward to part Two! 🙂

    • Luba Kanch

      Thanks Sonia! Me too!
      Its amazing when the flow of words come to you and it is very motivating and rewarding to see others get the benefit as well.

  • Everything you read on achieving success stresses the importance of goal setting.  I love yours.  Very clear, concise, and fun to boot!  You obviously know where you are going.  I think that is the whole point…….how will you know how to get there if you aren’t clear about where you are going and WHY you want to get there.  Thanks for sharing your insights and motivating others to set their goals!!!

    • Luba Kanch

      Thank you for your comments Natalie!
      Your absolutely correct – its about knowing where your going!
      Goals are very important and only in the last 10 years I have realized this!

      best wishes,

    • Luba Kanch

      Thank you for your comments Natalie!
      Goal setting is certainly an important SECRET TO LIFE! The thing is it’s no secret – it is just many do not understand the power! So in my blogs I am spreading the information and personal experience. This is what makes this 3 part blog series such an important part of this years blog!

      best wishes,

  • Nice! It just seems very sincere and not just something you jolted down.

    • Luba Kanch

      Thank you Jenny. Indeed it was sincere. I was quite inspired today and wrote it up asap while the inspiration bubbles were happening!

  • You don’t seize to amaze me, Luba. I love how you set up your goals. I’m going to use it as a guide. Thanks for sharing!

    • Luba Kanch

      Thank you for your comments!
      I am very glad it you are getting so much out of my blogs.

  • Hi Luba! I love your goal setting. I’m going to use it to guide me on setting my own goals. Thanks for sharing.

    • Luba Kanch

      Thanks Ligia! Glad it was so beneficial to you 🙂

      All the very best,