Importance of Goal Setting ~ part 2

Welcome to the “Importance of Goal Setting ~part 2”!

Just to refresh –> in the “Importance of Goal Setting ~ part 1” I brought to your attention about the importance of starting a list of goals. If you missed it CLICK HERE FOR PART 1.

In “Importance of Goal Setting Part 2” I would like to discuss the next step in goal setting. It becomes very important to KNOW WHY you want these goals as it becomes your driving force to achieve them. This is why it’s important in this step to list all the reasons. What this does is activates goal setting quite strongly within you.

What is activated in your goal setting?

VISION for the goal
You start to visualize what it is you truly want and start to think about it daily.

MOTIVATION for the goal
You are motivated to achieve your desires when you have a purpose.

INSPIRATION for the goal
You are inspired to pursue your goals as the driving force feeds you the correct motivation to get you there.

The question always remains:

“How bad do you want you goal?”


Below is a basic list of my own on the purpose behind my goals. I encourage everyone to write their own Purpose of why they want their goals to manifest and discover why you truly want your goals to come to you. The more you write the more powerful the Law of Attraction becomes! But more of that later.

My list of the purpose behind my goals


A continual strong happy family and environment

  • Great example for the kids
  • Less stress
  • A great sense of achievement

Earn a minimum of $1000/month online

  • Create an additional income for a special holiday
  • Show your children there are different ways to earn income
  • Prove to myself that I can reach any goal I want to

Upgrade the family car

  • More comfort for whole family
  • Better support for the back
  • A vehicle that is great for long holidays


Pay off all debts

  • A big part of negative daily focus is removed
  • To allow more time for all the true goals that I want to achieve

Build a successful foundation that assists in improving autism in Australia

  • To make a difference in this world, so others can have a great life too
  • A way to show my gratitude and appreciation for the life I have

Get the ideal garage built on current property

  • So 3 cars can fit in
  • Plenty of room for a ping pong table
  • Space available for wood fire
  • Space available for bikes
  • Extra storage space

LONG TERM GOALS (3+ years)

Go on dream family holidays every year

  • Be able to have a proper break away from home to escape the effort that we put in to daily life
  • Explore the world
  • Teach and show our kids how awesome this world is

Finish my counseling course

  • To help improve autistic individuals and their families
  • Be a part of a center x2 a week helping families that face autism

Earn a minimum of $10,000/month online automated.
Invest in gold bullion and store in a secure vault for retirement.

  • To be financially free
  • To be able to truly live out loud ~ enjoying life and not thinking can’t afford this and that
  • To have automated income developing and investments setup so I can spend less time thinking about how to survive on superannuation
  • Retirement will be more fun
  • In retirement tight budgeting will not be an option





With courtesy of ,  members are able to be directed by tasks daily to empower them in business and mind. Thank you to Joanna Rogers for the exciting tasks on Goal Setting that has reminded me the importance of a refresh and get down to business…my dreams…my desires. Here they come!


Stay tuned for Part 3 on the lesson
on the “Importance of Goal Setting”!


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Start YOUR day with AWESOME!

Best wishes,

Poifile LK

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  •  I like the way you have broken your goals down Luba – it will be easier for you to chart your progress and celebrate when you reach each goal.   Go for it!

    • Luba Kanch

      Thanks Corinne – Better Women’s Network has taught me the importance of recognizing the purpose of each of your goals, so I have been directed by some great entrepreneurs. I sure do see success coming easily. Knowing where you are going makes a HUGE difference!

  • Well done Luba, reading through your goals helps me solidify mine

    • Luba Kanch

      Thanks Leanne – glad it had a positive effect on you!
      I know part 3 will probably blow you away then!

      Best wishes 🙂

  • Wow, Luba! Goal setting just became much clearer to me now: we need to write the purpose for each goal. Love it.