Goal Setting is About Being Successful

As part of one of the Better Womens Network 15 minute tasks we are going to write a 3-part series of blog posts that teach our readers the importance of goal setting and how to do it. The first post is about being successful working part or full-time online. Reviewing this post will help you set certain goals and a time frame.

You’re probably aware by now that statistics show 97% of people fail while only 3% of people actually succeed and earn a living in this industry. Although you’ve heard this over and over, you still might want to know how to position yourself as part of the 3%.

When you take a close look at those who are successful, and give you the impression that they are “everywhere”, you will notice a few common characteristics that may reveal how to become a part of the 3%. I’ll share them with you so you can begin to alter what you’re doing, and try to eliminate your chances of failure.

1. They are consistent in their marketing efforts.

One of the most important aspects of marketing online is being consistent.
It’s practically impossible to get people to take you seriously when they can’t predict whether you’ll show up or not. Your audience expects you to be there daily with the information and relevant content and resources that keep them coming back for more. In order to sell your products you must prove to them that you are reliable and someone they can trust.
Top marketers have acquired these skills. You can assume that they
have a calendar for their business, with a list of essential daily and weekly activities. If you want to begin performing like the 3%-establish a calendar of activities that you can commit to, and put into practice.

2. They understand and know their audience, whom they’re marketing to and what they want.

A distressing fact about the 97% is that they have no clue who they’re actually marketing to. Some write articles, shoot videos and write blog posts, but if you were to ask them who their target market is, they will most likely decline to answer the question because they simply don’t know! Knowing your audience, what their challenges are and how to address them is crucial if you plan on succeeding. This helps make writing articles easier and allows you to connect your offer with the needs of your market.
Consider these questions:
Who is my target market?
What are they struggling with?
What is it that they want?
How can I give it to them?


3. They have a diverse marketing portfolio.

Using only one method to market your business is like posting one ad in a newspaper and waiting for months hoping that your phone will ring. Start learning how to use diverse marketing methods incorporating things like Article Marketing, Video Marketing, writing Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, Forum Marketing and Social Media Marketing. If you prefer not to use them all, pick 2-3 to start out, while creating a consistent plan of action on how you’ll implement them daily or weekly, when you master 2 or 3 add one more to gain additional exposure from a new audience.

4. They outsource and delegate.

Outsourcing and delegating is vital to your business and I can’t emphasis it enough. Getting burned out doing time consuming tasks on the internet is inevitable. The 3% have mastered the art of handing challenging and time consuming jobs over to people who are more skilled and trained than they are.

Discover what you do best and focus solely on those things while handing over the rest. Outsourcing can be fairly inexpensive, sometimes even averaging around $2 per hour (depending on expertise and location of your contractor). It should be factored into your monthly expenses as a “necessary expense”.

Becoming part of the 3% isn’t that far out of reach as it seems.  I hope this helps you set attainable goals for yourself working on building a business. Thanks for visiting my site.


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