A Brazilian Portuguese Lesson

The Vegetables in my garden

My garden this year looked so nice that I was inspired to take pictures of it. Then, I had the idea of teaching the names of the vegetables  in it and  created a video. This is a special treat for my students, but I know that it may also benefit some languages aficionados and those who are curious about foreign languages. I love teaching Portuguese, and living in a foreign country certainly helps to see the intricacies of your own language and to effectively convey it to others.

Here it is:

A Side Note

I wanted to add that the literal meaning of the word “” is Foot.  So, if you wanted to say that  your foot is small, you would say – Meu pé é pequeno. But when you use it in the context of plants and trees in the colloquial expression “Pé de” de meaning changes as you saw in the lesson. Let me give you an example of a tree name: If you wanted to say cherry tree, it would be – Pé de Cereja.

Learning Tips

  • Learning new words in any language can be tricky if you keep memorizing each word by itself.
  • It’s best is to memorize the new words in context.
  • If a word is part of an expression, learn the expression.
  • As you learn new words, use them so they can become part of your active vocabulary.

P.S. If you have any questions about this lesson or something else about the Portuguese language, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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  • Corinne Floyd

    Thanks Ligia – do you speak Spanish as well?

    • Yes, I do. Besides Portuguese, I speak both Spanish and French.

  • tendy

    i live in mozambique for the past 3 years and eu falo porco portugues, portugues muito dificol mais eu gostar falo portugues,pleaseteach me kikikiki