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Have you ever noticed that as you walk through the streets of any city in the United States, you see people with different types of faces: Asian, Indian, white, and black? Why? Foreigners from different parts of the globe have come to live in this country, and they are now the face of America.

The first immigrants who came to this country, in the 1600s, were from Northern Europe, namely England and Holland. They came looking for a place where they could have religious freedom. Then, the black Africans, who were involuntary immigrants, were brought here between 1700s and early 1800s to work on large farms in the south. Still in the 1800s, Chinese and Irish immigrants came fleeing economic and political problems in their own countries. The most recent immigrants have come from Central and South America. These have come looking for better jobs and the opportunity to become financially independent.

The normal tendency when you move to another country is to look for people who share the same background, language, and religion. That’s exactly what happened here. The result is neighborhoods and big communities made up mainly of one ethnic group. That’s the reason we have Chinatown and Mexican neighborhoods in the Southwest.  Italians, Irish, Porto Ricans, and Brazilians established themselves along the east coast. Blacks stayed mainly in the south, but there’s also a big community in New York. And there are concentrations of Jewish and people in different areas of the country. The American society is truly a mixture of races, languages, cultures, religions, and economic groups which for many years has been referred to as a melting pot.

The reason most people have come to America is to find some type of freedom, be it religious, financial, or political. It all started when our forefathers, who were fleeing persecution, established this country on a solid Christian-Judeo foundation. These are principles that allow people to follow any kind of religion, to have freedom of expression, to choose their own lifestyles, and to even create enterprises and build their own wealth.

Let’s not take for granted what we have available to us in this country. This freedom had a price. Many people paid for it with their lives and their blood. Let’s keep our eyes open and not allow this liberty be taken away from us. Don’t be deceived! As we subtly get away from God, we are also letting that freedom slip away.

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