BWN – 10 Day Challenge


Ever dreamed of being part of a network of like-minded women? Do you have or do you want to have your very own online business? Not sure where to start or who to talk too?

Please come and check out The Better Womens Network (if you’re a guy there will soon be a network for you too!)

I am about to embark on an exciting phase of Better Womens Network! Every day I am emailed a task, that never takes me more than an hour to do – sometimes only 15 minutes – but we are about to be given a 10 Day Challenge which means that up until now, I have learned how to communicate effectively with others online. I have been taught how to set up my very own blog (see! Here it is!). I have been shown how to use marketing tools to promote myself and my online businesses – something I never thought I’d master – which means that I am here and ready to assist in training YOU!

Please watch my video (yes, it’s really me!) – then contact me or just fill in the form to become a member of The Better Womens Network FOR FREE!


I truly look forward to meeting you very soon and joining you on your journey to SUCCESS online!




Keep Smiling!


Hi, My name is Sonia and I have had many titles and roles to date, being the mother of four awesome children who are now all grown up I'm 'Mum'. I've worked for retail giants, Real Estate Agents, Authors and Editors, I've been an advertising co ordinator, a receptionist, a manager, a travelling sales rep, a telemarketer, a spruiker, a karaoke host and an employment consultant. I am passionate about people and am now an entrepreneur with a vision to help as many people as I possibly can realise their dreams through engaging them and showing them tools that work! I'm still a mum. I still go out and do a few hours work for an employer that I love and I'm also still hosting karaoke shows - yes, I can sing a little too. I also own two fantastic businesses that I run from the comfort of wherever I can get internet access. If you'd like to know more, please contact me via facebook

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  • Luba Kanch

    Thanks for sharing. Exciting times ahead!
    I know you will do well with your genuine and helping nature.
    All the very best lovely lady!
    Best wishes 🙂

    • Thanks Lovely Lubz! Just feeling pretty darned excited – like something HUGE is about to happen 😉

      • Luba Kanch

        Me too – that’s because there is always something darn exciting in Better Women’s Network! Glad we are riding this together 🙂