How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

When I came up with this headline, I had absolutely no idea that a well known author had actually written a book of the same title! mr-men-mr-worry

This article is not about the book by Dale Carnegie, however, I have researched and will be quoting some info found on Wikipedia which was about Dale Carnegie’s book!

So, the reason I chose this particular topic is because I am often asked how I remain so happy and positive in times, of what seems to others, as hardship and stress.

I made a decision many years ago to never worry about anything that I could not change. If there is a situation that needs my attention and I can change it, then I don’t need to worry about it anyway!

There are many reasons to NOT worry.

  • Worrying can affect the body to the extent of causing physical illness
  • Excessive worrying can lead to anxiety, panic and unrealistic fears
  • Worriers become highly sensitive to their environment and to the criticism of others
  • Excessive worriers can see anything, or anyone as a potential threat leading to social isolation
  • Chronic worrying can affect your daily life, your appetite, relationships, your job
  • Once anxiety sets in, worriers can turn to harmful lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol or drugs and excessive eating.

what me worrySo how can you break this cycle of worrying?

  • Massive Action is a great way to keep worry out of your mind. Keep yourself busy with interests that you enjoy to distract yourself from worrying thoughts.
  • Never sweat over the little things!
  • Ask yourself and answer honestly, “What are the odds against this thing’s happening at all” (Dale Carnegie – “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”)
  • If you know that the situation is beyond your ability to change or alter, let it be!
  • Really analyse the situation and decide if it is really worth your worry – how much of your anxiety is a thing worth? If it is worthless, refuse to give it your worry.
  • “Let the past bury it’s dead. Don’t saw sawdust” (Dale Carnegie – “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”)

I live among worriers, as do we all. But we do not have to be like them. We have the power to stop ourselves from worrying unnecessarily and save our bodies from stomach ulcers, worry lines and all of the other illnesses that accompany worry.

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Live your Life Worry Free!

If it is to Be, It’s Up To Me!


Believe, Achieve, Teach! Keep Smiling Soni

Believe, Achieve, Teach!
Keep Smiling

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  • Soni, you’re so right. Worrying won’t change the problem, and it cause you health problems too. I love your post! Thanks for sharing.