Do Not Give Up, Be Patient

Don’t give up, Don’t give up.  No doubt, we have been told that many times from people who are mentoring us are just encouraging us to do better are telling us to keep pressing forward.  Let us admit though, that not giving up is easier said that done.  Especially when we are not seeing the results that we want.  We will look at as if we are spinning our wheels.  Is giving up the really the answer?, and where does giving up ultimately leads a person?

I’m quite sure that any successful person will tell you that giving up is not the answer and that ultimately, you will get no where in the long run.  In fact there is a old saying that says, “Quitters Never Win”.  When you think about it and give it some thorough thought, you will see that it takes failing, sometimes failing many times to finally be successful.  That could be at anything, like business, relationships, etc.  No matter what you are trying to be successful in you cannot give up.  You learn from your mistakes and you pick yourself up and try again.  Most importantly you NEVER GIVE UP!

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  • Debbie Mcintosh

    Like the blog Brandon. Hope you don’t mind me saying but where you talked about failing many times you could use examples such as Walt Disney and Henry Ford. I wrote a similar blog