Should Money Be Our Main Focus

Is it really all about the money?  Do you think that we focus to much on money. Well one thing about it, we gotta focus on money at least to some extend, because we need it to survive and just to have our basic needs, like food, clothing, and shelter.  Now the question that remains is, should money be our main focus?  I am going to go out on a limb and say no. Some of you that read this will disagree and that is okay. Here is why I say no.  One reason is because if you notice, those who make money their main objective are usually the ones that are broke most of the time.  One may ask, why is that?  Well for one thing people like that are selfish, and selfishness only will get you but so far.  In order to see more money, you have to be willing to serve people or provide them with something  that will change their lives.  This can be a product or some sort of service that somebody can use, or it can be motivating somebody to do better, whatever it is, we must choose to serve people, and make some sort of impact in their lives, whether it is big or small.  Gaining followers and serving those that follow you will have more money than you want coming your way.  When you look at all the rich people in this world.  They have provided something, whether it is a product or service, one way or another they have made a impact in numerous of peoples lives.  Whether in entertainment, the technology field, mlm, or other fields where people have made a pretty hefty income.   Also keep this in mine to, when it all boils down to it, money cannot do anything for us.  It is no more than a piece of paper.  Now, yes its a tool that is needed for the exchange for goods or services that we need & want, but that is all it is.  It is no more than that.  So stop putting so much focus on something that really when you think about it, it cannot do much for us.  When you change your mindset about money, their is good chance that you will see more of it come your way.

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  • This is a very good post and really makes me think. You are very right, Brandon, money is not the end-all. Especially when it comes to business. There has to be production and value going on for your business to flourish! Great work!