Chasing Two Rabbits

I was told that in the  beginning of an Internet Marketers career, that noone, should  pursue more than one opportunity. That, it is like chasing two rabbits and that they will not catch either of them for obvious reasons. I believe this to be true…..yet not entirely. NPN is my primary company and I have the privilege as you will have,  to attend an awesome weekly Marketing Workshop.  I am also involved in the following:

 The Shocking Truth About our FREE Lead System & How It Generates Leads on Auto Pilot! 

This is offered by a seasoned marketer who is a prominent leader within two companies. It will fuel your business with leads. I also believe in and promote this product:

I can provide you with numerous examples, but, you will discover them on your own and I do need to sleep sometime!

Many folks use great systems like MLSP or a promotional company like Instant Payday Network to fuel their primary business.

Now Kevin is a powerful example in this industry.  He is a successful member in his primary business as well as the above and then he offers other opportunities. Such as:

For me, the “side business” is a tool to provide extra marketing or to help my PC stay at an optimum functioning level. I focus on our NPN. That’s where it’s at!

There are no “bad” companies as long as they are built on honesty and the business principals are the same. I mentioned our advantages here:

This afternoon, I read an excellent post entitled:” Multiple Streams of Income or Outcome” by a member of our team. It inspired me to provide you with the information I am presenting to you at this very moment! Isn’t that Awesome! We all benefit from each other!

It all boils down to this….If you are very successful in one company fulltime, you can start your own project or join another system. If you are parttime or brand new, you will get burned out and dissapointed if you quit your “day job” and go fulltime and try to grab each “shiny object”.

There is nothing bad about starting off small! Don’t believe in these “Get rich in 90 day” schemes when you are inexperienced! The education is available here and it will not max out your credit cards!  Don’t do that!

This is what you need to do next:

PS……You’ve Got The Power!

Have a fantastic day!

Joe Gleissner




Joe Gleissner

Hey friends, I am an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to better myself while helping others. I am a big believer in family and unity, community. Education and inspiration are both extremely important to me. Not just hard work but smart work and fun are where it's at!

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