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We get a lot of questions about Global NPN, especially on how
it will help our members build their primary business.

I am going to try and explain to you the various stages of marketing
and how Global NPN gives you everything you need to master each

First, you need to understand that Global NPN acts as a
funded proposal for you, which means that you will get paid
to build your own list.

Your list will consist of:

1) Prospects/Leads – Those who have not joined Global NPN
2) Business Associates – Those who have joined Global NPN
3) Business Partners – Those who join your primary business

As you generate leads through our exclusive marketing systems,
they will be yours. You will be building your own list, and we will
train you and show you how to maximize this list.

As you develop your marketing list on the front-end, there will be
a percentage of people who never join Global NPN. These people
will remain prospects and you will be able to hit them up with various
offers over time, and provide them with helpful information.

This is important since the majority of people will NOT join
Global NPN under you. You have to accept that and work
on a continuing relationship with these prospects through your list.

Over time, many of these prospects will come to trust you and
move up into your pipeline, by becoming members in Global NPN
under you. At this point, your relationship to them will change a bit.

Now, as a Business Associate, your only job is to help them
do whatever it is they are trying to do. It is a real simple task
actually, because what they want is exactly what we provide.

They have, in essence, become a paying customer with you.
The only difference is this customer, who is now spending money
with you, wants to build their own business.

You help them set-up their Global NPN system, help them
generate leads, make sure they are getting the training they need
through our marketing systems.

You just be YOU, and the rest falls into place.

It is at this stage where the real work is done. You are building
your circle of influence. Out of this group of people there will be
a small percentage who like you and who connect with you and
who will join you in your primary business as a result.

This is EXACTLY how you should be marketing and building
ANY network marketing business. The problem is most people
tend to skip right to the final stage and advertise their primary
business opportunity up front.

And this is why 97% of people in network marketing fail.

Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, but this should
give you the overall picture of how real marketing is done.

You should also see now how Global NPN provides you
with all of the tools and training you will need to pull it off

Isn’t it time for you to see and experience this beauty in action?

Join us today at Global NPN. We are your “Home” program.


Positive You’ll love this!


Talk to you soon!

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Joe Gleissner

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