Is Most of Success Invisible?

Could it be that most of success is invisible to many of us? About only five percent of an iceberg is immediately visible above water, the rest, the majority is submerged, unavailable to the short term, glance. Could it be, that due to the pursuit of instant gratification the big picture eludes many would be successful people? Or perhaps, we have been programed to think negatively and miss 95% of success.

Today, in our lousy economy, there are those that remain successful and are doing better than ever in various long term businesses. I have noticed something about these people…They all have several characteristics in common.

The foremost, is that, even in difficult times, they do not give up. For some, even their families made attempts to dissuade them….Making statements such as “This doesn’t work” or “No One in this family has ever done that” or simply “Your’e not good enough”. This did not stop the new business owner or entrepreneur!  These ambitious folks worked and made sacrifices while others relaxed. Here’s the Biggie…if you do some research you will discover how many have “disabilities”.

In my personal experience, I have never heard a very successful individual part of anything make statements such as “I’m gonna give it a shot”,  “I hope it works”, “I’ll see what happens”.  Instead they say “Let’s figure out how to do it”.

I have been taught that success isn’t entirely financial. It’s a change of mindset, a process of education and continuous self improvement that gets you there. I once heard someone say…”You’ve got to give it away to keep it”.  So I believe a major product of success is to help others achieve the same.

Leaders will tell you, not to tolerate negativity and to associate with successful people. I hear it said: Read daily, even if it’s just for a half an hour, watch videos, listen to audios from your industry, learn marketing principals and learn about people, because after all, it is people that are going to pay you.

A new journey can begin at any age……my dad is skiing and swimming, hiking, traveling with my mom and taking an online course and you’d be surprised at his age. I know of young people who have gone against the grain and accomplished greatness.

Today, may be the beginning of a new direction for you.  At this moment, perhaps, you have made that new choice. The choice to move forward into 100%

Cheers! Here’s to Your Success!



PS….I am open to your opinion.


Joe Gleissner

Hey friends, I am an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to better myself while helping others. I am a big believer in family and unity, community. Education and inspiration are both extremely important to me. Not just hard work but smart work and fun are where it's at!

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  • Corinne Floyd

    Being fully committed to succeeding is the only way – hoping that something works – like you say Joe – is not a strong thought. I find the best practice for me is to read something positive, inspiring on a daily basis. When I miss a few days I can feel myself sliding into negativity – being vigilant is very important. Always asking myself – What am I thinking? Where are my thought taking me?

  • Frank Osorio

    Joe my friend great post! The type of content we need in our industry. And Corinne, fantastic comment.