Stop Dreaming of a Life Where You’re In Charge of Your Raises

Stop Dreaming of a Life Where You’re in Charge of Your Raises and Make it Happen




With the holidays just around the corner, you may be thinking how nice it would be to have a little more money to buy that special gift. While it’s true, the holidays aren’t about spending money on gifts,  it’s fun to treat  the  people you love with that special something they have been  hinting (or outright telling you about) at. What’s even better, though, is knowing you can give the peace of mind of financial security all year long and not worry about spending money all the time.  Imagine life without financial worry or the worry of losing a job.

I’m old enough to remember reruns of TV shows like Leave It to Beaver with the perfect house and one where Ward Cleaver went to work each day and there was plenty of money for Mrs. Cleaver to stay home, take care of the house, and have very little worry that a job loss was a real possibility.


Today, choosing to have one spouse stay home with the kids can be a real financial sacrifice.  Day care, or before and after school care, if you do both work, takes such a huge chunk from your take home pay that  money always seems to be on your mind. You may even feel like you’re falling farther and farther behind because your paycheck just isn’t keeping up with the rising prices. Even singles are struggling with the load of college loan debt and lower than expected incomes after college.


This is not meant to be a doom and gloom blog post, just the opposite, in fact. I just want you to know I realize what it’s like out there.  I was FIRED in Oct 2008 with a big company downsizing. Have you experiences that wonderful call into your bosses office? I remember my boss saying, “It’s not just you”, followed by you have an hour to gather your things and leave the building.


I found out the dismal true about unemployment . And when I did find a job again, after over a year, I realized what worked best for our family was me being home.  I quit and have been home to be here before and after school with our daughter since then.  We were not making it well enough on one income for me to just be home, however, so I decided to learn the skills I needed to be an online entrepreneur.


All that means is I create income in the virtual world so I can work from anywhere I have an internet connection.  Right now, I am working from my laptop sitting on my recliner with my feet up. Prior to being let go from my auto sales job in 2008, I would have been out in the minus 25 windchill clearing snow off cars. Yuck! This is so much sweeter.


Listen to the audio below to hear my story about how I transitioned from working for other people to working as my own boss as a Internet marketer (I sell stuff virtually so I get to set my hours, my location -beach, coffee house, recliner, and never have to worry about an income ceiling )


Play Me

Play Me


If you relate to my story, I invite you to watch the 15 minute video below . It’s a bullet point review of how you can build an affiliate income, the same way I do, that has the potential you are looking for even if you have only a small budget to start. You really do have the ability to give yourself a pay raise every few months if you work at it.





Any perceived income claims in this post, are not guarantees. Income is dependent on your own individual efforts, talents, and skills.

Here is a representation of how your income can grow as you build a business as an NPN affiliate reseller. Once you learn the skills of this industry, your options are staggering.


Selling 36 Gold Level Memberships ($100 level with all available tools) = $3600 a month income. Want a bigger income, each recurring monthly package raises your monthly income by $100

Selling 36 Director Level Memberships ($40 level ) =$1440 a month income

Selling 36 Pro Level Memberships ($15 level) =$540 a month income

Plug in what ever number you want and you can see the massive potential without out a crazy number of sales. When you get paid over and over for work you did in the past, making it easier to  focus on new sales,  it’s a lot easier to build a month recurring income (give yourself raises that amount to dollars not pennies)



Your goal if you want to use NPN as a Spring Board  to build an income to allow you to stay home would be to come in at the highest level you can afford and move up to the Gold Level as you get commissions. We call this climbing the latter. When you reach Gold Level, I will unlock access to a private training class that will teach you some crazy Facebook monetizing skills and a ton more stuff coming down the pike soon. It’s crazy what’s out there when you’re connected.

I want to help you get the life you really want.

When you signup, I will do my best to work with you to succeed. As I mentioned on the audio and video, though, your results will depend on how well you can follow the leadership, make time in your schedule to do your marketing activities, be able to stretch to try new things that you will learn, and if you’re focused enough to tune out outside distractions while you’re building your income.

The ball is in your court my friend. Pick it up and make the shot and I will see you on the inside.




I believe we are meant to contribute something to make this world better for us having lived. Contributions come in many shapes and sizes, however, as I've grown and developed as a person and an entrepreneur, I've realized the more we grow the more potential there is for us to contribute. One of my beliefs is by helping people and families to learn to fish rather than just giving them fish, we change this generation and many future generations. For me, teaching people how to become financially self sufficient in a way that allows them to have a stable income, more time freedom, and thus, more opportunity to pursue their personal passions and live their dream lives is very exciting. I do this by helping people learn the skills they need to earn a living as online marketers so they can leverage their time, grow their income, and enjoy a better quality of life. I would love to connect on Facebook or just leave me a comment on one of my posts. Please watch my video...   Please watch my video...
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