Is your home business killing you?

cartoon of woman walkingNow that I have your attention with the title and you’re wondering if and how your home business is killing you, what I want you to ask yourself, and look yourself in the eye when you do it, is…

are you sitting on your butt behind your computer all day eating, not exercising, and getting fat?

if the answer is yes, then your home business is probably shaving years off your life. You’re not alone, I’m guilty too. Check out my video below.


Open up a new tab and type “is sitting at work making us fat?” into Google. There are dozens of articles about the negatives of office work and your weight.  It’s no secret that having an office job where you sit all day is not healthy.

How does working from home fit in? Well, it’s one of those two edged swords. You are way closer to the fridge and snack cabinet with only yourself to prevent you from snacking all day while you work.  It can be challenging to stay on the 3 healthy meals and a couple of snacks with the temptations so close and the food calling your name.

If keeping the food out of the house is an argument you don’t want to have with your family right now, then it’s up to you to stop.  One way I keep myself from eating too much while I’m home working like I am right now it to drink water. Most people are dehydrated the majority of the time. Think about how much water you should be drinking and how much you actually drink. The standard is half your weight in ounces.

It’s a lot for me.

Think how many extra steps you’ll take to and from the bathroom if you up your water intake. 🙂

I can see the extra calories falling off now.tape measure

The fact is, if we don’t want to shave years off our life, we need to exercise. And the more we sit for our work, the more we need to exercise.

Working from home is great, but being fat is not.  so let’s support each other in getting fit, slimming down, and taking a more balanced approach to our business.

Just like a sturdy home needs a great foundation, so do you.

I mentioned earlier that working from home was a double edged sword. We know the downside but the upside is even more powerful and it’s what’s going to help you win.

You have control of your schedule. You can do what I did today and work out before you sit down to work. Go outside and walk if you don’t have a treadmill.  You need the vitamin D to stay healthy too. In fact being tired in one reason I didn’t workout for a long time. I found out I had a vitamin d deficiency.

Want some encouragement, comment below. 

One last thing before I sign off for the day, rather than watching the scale that can cause you to get depressed and eat more if the weight isn’t dropping fast enough, concentrate on doing one more healthy thing today than yesterday and try to get better each day. You walked further today, you eat more veggies today, you used the gym membership you’ve been paying for and never used, you drank more water, you learned a new healthy cooking technique, you worked at your desk for three hours without snacking or snacked on almonds rather than chips.

And most of all, don’t go crazy on yourself if you slip.

We all know once you have one chip or cookie, it’s hard to stop. If you seem to be slipping a lot, try keeping a journal of what you ate and your feelings each day to help you see patterns.

We aren’t just eating because we are hungry, we are eating for emotional comfort (and because our food is so depleted of nutrients that we can eat and still starve)

Don’t lose all your forward progress because of the slip, just get back on it, celebrating the successful days.

I wish you joy, happiness, and great health!


I believe we are meant to contribute something to make this world better for us having lived. Contributions come in many shapes and sizes, however, as I've grown and developed as a person and an entrepreneur, I've realized the more we grow the more potential there is for us to contribute. One of my beliefs is by helping people and families to learn to fish rather than just giving them fish, we change this generation and many future generations. For me, teaching people how to become financially self sufficient in a way that allows them to have a stable income, more time freedom, and thus, more opportunity to pursue their personal passions and live their dream lives is very exciting. I do this by helping people learn the skills they need to earn a living as online marketers so they can leverage their time, grow their income, and enjoy a better quality of life. I would love to connect on Facebook or just leave me a comment on one of my posts. Please watch my video...   Please watch my video...
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