Survey Results….What You Need Help With Most According to You

A few days ago I sent out a survey entitled what do you need help with most to my list…

I thank all of you who answered and wanted to share the results and some personal thoughts in

the video below. If you didn’t complete the five question survey, it would be great if you clicked here

and completed the very short survey before watching the video…

How am I going to help you with the things you said you are having trouble with, watch the entire

video to find out.



Please comment here or reply to the e-mail if you landed here because you

got the e-mail…Either one will get to me (especially if you want to be on the private








I believe we are meant to contribute something to make this world better for us having lived. Contributions come in many shapes and sizes, however, as I've grown and developed as a person and an entrepreneur, I've realized the more we grow the more potential there is for us to contribute. One of my beliefs is by helping people and families to learn to fish rather than just giving them fish, we change this generation and many future generations. For me, teaching people how to become financially self sufficient in a way that allows them to have a stable income, more time freedom, and thus, more opportunity to pursue their personal passions and live their dream lives is very exciting. I do this by helping people learn the skills they need to earn a living as online marketers so they can leverage their time, grow their income, and enjoy a better quality of life. I would love to connect on Facebook or just leave me a comment on one of my posts. Please watch my video...   Please watch my video...
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