Your online revenue will grow faster if you do these three things

We all want our business to be wildly successful .  Sometimes, though, we aren’t sure how to get the results we

are so hungry for.  Though today’s post will be geared toward the online marketing world, the 3 Cs we will be

covering can help any business increase revenue.


There are three key components, I like to call them the three Cs, that if mastered, will greatly improve your results.

The 3 Cs are...

  • clarity
  • consistency
  • continuity program


Business clarity is knowing who your customer is. We often use the term customer avatar to define our perfect customer. Traps we often run into are trying to mass market  to everyone hoping we will stumble upon customers and just having two broad of an audience.It’s better to know who your perfect customer is then talk their language. You want to know where they shop, how old they are what they read, what events they are likely to attend, what their household income is, etc. You will have a higher  LCV (Lifetime Customer Value) if you are on the mark with your target marketing because you will be providing the right bait for the fish who are always hungry if you’re in the right fishing hole.


The second of the 3 things that will help increase your business revenue is consistency. What I mean by consistency is two fold. First, you need to have a message that is steady (stand for something and don’t waiver and pick your target market and focus on them only). Second, you need to have a DMO ( daily method of operation) of income producing activities and do them every day. It’s the act of repetition that will snowball into revenue for you. You get better at producing with practice and the quality of the content you are generating will improve as well. It’s easy to drop the ball when you aren’t seeing noticeable results. Rather than looking at income generated, and feeling defeated, which tends to kill your consistency,  in the beginning stages of your business, try focusing on producing quality content daily for 90 days and posting it online in as many places as you can where your target market hangs out. It may be helpful to you to include in your DMO the exact places, with boxes to check off once done, where you want to post. I propose it’s better to pick a few social media hangouts where you know your target audience frequents and make sure the content is structured for maximum exposure on each site. Additionally, consider mastering one our two social media networks and or types of content before you expand.


The third thing that will help increase your business revenue is a continuity program.  In the online marketing world there are some affiliate programs that allow you to sell subscription based products that generate recurring income for you. This allows you to build your income each month rather than starting at zero each month.

You may know this concept under a different name, residual income.

You can accomplish continuity income through creation of your own program, as well,  such as a paid membership site or subscription program. You can create this type of program for any type of business,  giving you more stability in your monthly income.

To find out more about the continuity program I recommend, if you are marketing a business online, just comment and I’ll get you information about it. Please feel free to  comment if you would like to add your personal insight on this post.

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