Think and Grow Rich -Free audio download-step by step instructions for creating wealth

One way to steadily move toward your goals is to continually feed your mind with positive and uplifting images, audios, and books while avoiding negativity and violence that fills your head with dark images and defeatist attitudes. Do not take this lightly, there is a saying, “you are what you eat” . “You are what you think about most”, as well.
One of the books that is on the top of many entrepreneur’s lists of recommended reading or listening is

Think and Grow Rich
by Napolean Hill.


This book is available on the public domain which means you do not have to go purchase a copy, you can download it or listen on your computer, table, or mp3 player. So, no excuses about not being able to afford it and anyone can find time to listen to an audio while driving, working out, or doing housework.


Listening to audios is a vitally important part of your progress down the entrepreneurial success highway. If you don’t believe me, ask any leader you know what they consider their top three most important daily business rituals (they probably don’t even count it as a business ritual, but rather, it’s a life ritual so ingrained in them that they can’t even imagine not doing it)


I have included the link to the audio version of Think and Grow Rich below . You can listen to it here or click on the image on the far right to download your own copy. 


I want this post to be a collaborative effort to create a list of books or audios that have helped you create empowering changes in people’s lives. Please comment with books or audios that you think are must reads or listens for anyone wanting to improve their lives.
By sharing this post, you are showing me a great compliment but you will also help us grow a great list of recommended audios and reading. Tells us what you got out of the source (how did it help you or give a brief summary and of course, include a link back to your site or social media so my readers can connect with you as well)

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