Tracking Your Marketing -if you’re not tracking you’re bleeding cash

Tracking your marketing is vital unless you like flushing money down the toilet…

flushing money down the toilet

The best way to get the most out of your marketing dollars is to track, track, track.  By tracking your marketing to see which ad campaigns are working and which are costing you money, you will save yourself a ton of money but also have the potential to earn buckets more money too because once you know what’s working, you can scale those marketing campaigns up and even add to the budget with the redirected dollars from the campaigns that weren’t working well.


The ideal way to track your marketing is to create two similar versions of a marketing page and split test them using a tracking software. You can, however, just track content to see what content is working to produce results for you. Split testing is recommended for squeeze pages and paid ads, such as Facebook ads, at the very least.


By split testing, you will gather more information before throwing a potentially good marketing ad away that may just have needed a slight tweak.  You may have the right copy but a bad image, you may have a great image but bad copy, sometimes one ad format might work great on one marketing platform but bomb on another.  Marketing is all about testing.


But you can’t test unless you have a way to track what’s happening once you launch your ad to the world. Let me give you an example of how you might use tracking in your business…



you have several ads running and all have your website link on them. You start getting contacts

from your website but you do not know if they found your website organically (just by searching

your category) or from a YouTube video you have out there, or from your Fan Page, or from the

expensive online ad you placed, etc.


Your website is but rather than using in all the ads, you use a coded link that

will chart where the traffic originated. By using a unique coded link on each piece of marketing

use will gather valuable feedback that will help you adjust as needed.


There are a variety of choices out there for tracking. You can even use Google Analytics (FREE) to paste a piece of code on your website to see where people are coming from.  You want to be able to drill down way more than that, though, to be able to see conversions as well.


I use a tracking tool from Global NPN. It’s one tool in a marketing suite so the value is outstanding. Here’s how it works.




you simple enter the link you want to track as I did with then put a reference name that tells you where the ad is. In this case I put a video on You Tube and want to get them to my website with the link in the description.

Now look below to see what happens once I click to create the ad tracker




I get a tracker’s this link I will place in the description box under my video with note to click the link to get to _________. I will be able to see raw hits and unique hits. Additionally, if I wanted to track conversions on a squeeze page, for instance, I could use the completion tracking code to see how many of the people coming to my page are actually taking an action by pasting the code into the coding on my thank you page.

The more tracking you can do, the more insight you gain on where you’re losing your prospect along your process.

If you spent $100 on Facebooks Ads and your tracking shows you only got a ROI of $70 then you know you need to tweak the ad and try again or put the marketing dollars somewhere else.

Having a tracker also keeps solo ad  and other paid traffic vendors honest. If they promise x amount of traffic, you can give them a coded link and see if their records jive with yours.

You can try the tracker I use for 7 days for just one dollar .  You will also get an autoresponder, screen recorder, link rotator, video and domain hosting, page creator, audio file hosting, and a lead generation tool to test drive and if you decide to keep them at the end of the 7 day trial, you only pay $147 a month for everything . And there ‘s  an affiliate plan that let’s you resell this package earning $100 recurring monthly commission for each gold level customer you acquire . I use these tools every day and love them.



I’ll give you a free 30 minute one on one tutorial on how to use this tool if you try it and decide to keep it. As a customer of Global NPN, I’m also an affiliate so I do earn a commission if you buy anything-but I give great support in return 🙂














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