Global NPN – Internet Marketing Tools For Every Online Business

Global NPN – Internet Marketing Tools For Every Online Business

Global NPN BadgeHave you heard of Global NPN?  Well, there is not a lot hype around Global NPN, but by the time you finish this article you will realize that Global NPN doesn’t need the hype.

This is a solid business that offers all the tools, training, and support needed to build an internet marketing business….not to mention, you can use these tools to build any business, not just your Global NPN.

I know by now you are wondering exactly what is Global NPN.

Like I said, it is a marketing tool suite consisting of some amazing internet marketing tools:

  • Autoresponder
  • Instant Blog
  • Tomorrow’s List Task Manager
  • Web Hosting
  • Capture Page Creator
  • Multi-ad Trackers
  • Leads Manager
  • WebAudio Now
  • Screen Casting Software
  • URL Rotator
  • Video Hosting
  • etc

I know what you are thinking, but how does Global NPN products compare to others…like Aweber, Empower Network, and Pure Leverage?Empower Network and Pure Leverage

I have used the products in Aweber, Empower and Pure Leverage.  Aweber is a good autoresponder, but in my opinion, if you intend on growing a big list, Aweber can get right expensive.

I will say that Global NPN’s autoresponder has some features that you will not find in Aweber, but Aweber has features you will not find in Global NPN’s MM Pro Elite autoresponder, as well.

I will choose MMPro Elite over Aweber, and  GVO (Pure Leverage).  Pure Leverage’s autoresponder in my opinion is not as User Friendly as Global NPN’s MMPro autoresponder or Awebers.  A lot of times I had a hard time getting GVO’s code to work on my pages, I never experienced that with MMPro, and I won’t lie.  I never experienced it with Aweber, either.

BEFORE, I go any further, I want to say…

I am not putting Aweber or GVO – Pure Leverage down at all.  This is my opinion about the two autoresponders.  I am not a high techy kind of guy.  I like to keep things simple.  I find GVO to be really techy.  Aweber, not so much, but the cost was a turn off for me.

Let’s Go On…I need to wrap this up, Don’t you think?

Empower Network and Pure Leverage is known for their blogging system.  I think both are good systems, but with Global NPN you get a quality blog…just like both of the other guys with high rankings, as well…but you also get so much more.

You can see the list of tools you will have access to depending on what membership level when you sign up.

I could go into more detail about each and every product, but this post is getting too long already.

If you want to learn more, you can.  You see the banner on the side of the page, but I did not right this article to get you to sign up with me.  I wrote this article to give you options.


Live Life Unlimited,

Jaden Daniels


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I am a regular guy who needed to make extra money. When I started looking online, I knew I would find something. My journey was a long one. I got scammed a few times. I fell for the hype. I listened to people who supposedly knew what they were doing. I spent over $15,000 trying to learn internet I have been down the road of hard online marketing knocks. I learned a great deal over the years, and I love teaching others. Believe me you don't have to spend a lot of money to make money if you have the right training. And that is what I do.

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