A Full Honest Review of “Vital” Cards


Hello again…

So someone in my Gmail asked me to do give them my opinion on this card called Vital.

Since I have been online since 2011 to present, (got serious about marketing around 2013) I have seen plenty of these sorta of offers.

I really try to give folks who have great ideas a chance….but this one…mmmmm….I don’t know if it’s one I would recommend.

THE BIGGEST alarm_clock_2Alarm was the fact that they didn’t specify a specific month on when this will go live. I can understand that you may not know the exact date…but when they just said “mid-year”…ahm….NO!

My Full Review is below…so you be the judge based on what I share…take a look:

Well what do you think?

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Ok that’s it for now…See you the next time Vlog!



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