The Public or Private Bathroom…Which Do You Prefer?


Hi Hi…it’s been a while. It’s 2018 and I am renewing somethings I stopped doing in the passed few years. This being one of them. Blogging my thoughts and also stuff I think folks really are not aware of.

Today I am going to talk about the “Public/Private Bathroom” of your website. Nahhh…I’m not going to literally talk about the Public or Private bathroom per say…but when you choose to host your website, I’d like you to think about whether your hosting in a public or private setting or “bathroom”

Without going into a lot …we all know that a private bathroom is a lot more attractive and sanitary than a public…depending on the individual’s habits of course…lol. But no matter what, I believe we all want to stay away from the “public bathroom” environment as much as possible… am I right?

Well that is what I am doing here. I am sharing in the video below …the hosting I use and how to move it from a “public bathroom” setting to a private one….but before we go to the video, I want to share this.

My TOP 5 Reasons why Public Hosting is Not the Optimal Choice (ie hostgator, Godaddy etc.)

  1. YOUR SITE MAY GET BLACK LISTED: If someone does some crazy messed-up stuff in that hosting it can consequently affect your website.
  2. COST YOU MORE: Although it might start off cost effective. Most of the time you will see a rise in cost as  you use more of their space.
  3. LESS FLEXIBILITY: It is more unlikely to have the ability to use scripts that are allowed in private hosting sites but not public hosting.
  4. LESS RELIABILITY: Your enhanced security and performance are greatly lowered.
  5. NO CHANCE OF EARNING: You will not make a real return on your investment when you use most public hosting. You want when you use a tool online, you have the opportunity to make cash back when you share these same tools with your team.

In the video below I share the hosting platform that will completely eliminate the major issues mentioned above and I show you EXACTLY how to change your Name-server from your public hosting to our “private” hosting site and set up your WordPress super fast and easy.

If you purchased a domain name in Go daddy for example…you can change your Name-servers and have your WordPress up and running in no time…take a look…



Well I hope this was really helpful for you. Stay tuned for more tips and training to help your online experience be more effective and less stressful. If you want to know where to get the tools I use in this video, Click on the button below and I will introduce myself to you and the suite of tools I use to have my business running like a well oiled machine.


See ya on the inside.


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  • This was really helpful. I’m going to be moving my website over to npn hosting. Thanks for the descent tutorial.

    • Sharon

      You are so welcome Carl…glad I could help!

  • Tony Mena

    Great post Sharon, well done video. Especially liked your ‘5 reasons’. Can you explain what scripts you are referring to that are allowed in private hosting sites but not public hosting? Thanks

    • Sharon

      Scripts like for example: Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic) are not allowed on Hostgator.

    • Sharon

      Thank you Tony 🙂