An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

1. What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where  one promotes another person’s or company’s product or service for a commission fee.

2. A key benefit of affiliate marketing.

One of the benefits of affiliate marketing is that the affiliate marketer does not hold any stock and does not have to fulfill orders. This is all done by the product/service vendor.

3. How to get started within Affiliate marketing.

Find and use an affiliate marketing product or service that you can be passionate about. Note well that you should be a user of the product/service so that you can honestly recommended it.

4. How do you get paid

The vendor system creates a product /service URL with a tracking code that uniquely identifies the affiliate marketer. If someone uses that URL to visit the vendor’s web site and makes a purchase, the system credits the sale to that affiliate marketer.

5. A strategy for getting started with affiliate marketing.

People will not normally buy from you online unless they know like and trust you. It is therefore very important that you build a presence on line first before attempting to sell anything online including affiliate products.
Promote Yourself. So promote yourself and built a list of persons that follow you online because you supply them with valuable information. This process is called list building.

In another blog I will discuss how to built a list and consistently communicate with your list.

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Trevor Headley

Trevor Headley

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