Getting Started With Internet Marketing

Here are some tips on getting started with internet marketing :

1. Choose a topic that you enjoy doing  such as cooking, baking, travel, shoes, woodworking, etc.

2. Become very knowledgeable in your chosen area; become somewhat of an expert. But don’t wait until you think you know every thing about your topic to share your expertise. Remember there will always be persons that know much less than you in your area.

3. Create  a FB page on your specialty area and invite your friends who may have an interest in your topic.

4. Share tips on your FB page and encourage members to comment or ask questions.
Keep researching and sharing your knowledge.

5. The important thing is to provide valuable information to your page fans, and in so doing your fans would grow to know, like, and trust you. It is worth repeating: Provide valuable information to your page fans.

6. Share your personal experiences in your specialty/topic and if you find a useful  product  or service, share it on your page.

7. You can even earn money from  recommending a product or service by becoming an affiliate marketer of that product or service, providing that the vendor of that product/service offers it for affiliate marketing.

I will explain affiliate marketing in more detail in a future blog. Meanwhile if you are anxious to learn about affiliate marketing you could ” just Google it” .

So start your journey on Internet marketing. There is no cost to start!

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Thanks for reading!


Trevor Headley

I am Trevor Headley from the beautiful tropical island of Barbados. i enjoy video and still photography as a hobby, teach electrical engineering and am involved with renewable enegy and energy efficiency activities.

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