My First 24 Hours At Global NPN

This is my first blog post here at Global NPN, as I have only been a member of this program for less than 24 hours.

I am no stranger to internet marketing, and if you have read my bio you will soon see that I have been around awhile.  I have made slow but steady progress, in my attempts at internet marketing, but certainly not what I was hoping for.

About a year and a half ago, I was introduced to email marketing.  Before this I marketed my offers with traffic exchanges and classifieds.  Lots of clicking with little results (not to put down TE,s or classifieds, they have there place in marketing to).

Email marketing changed everything for me, soon I was making some money, getting referrals and building my own lists.  I had found where the “golden egg” is, but I also realized that I am not a professional email marketer.  In order for my business to grow, I need to acquire and practice the skills of a professional email marketer.

Global NPN has all the tools an email marketer needs, from tracking and split testing, to capture pages and autoresponders.  You also have the option of marketing the membership program to other people, and building a new revenue income stream.

More importantly, is the owner Geoff Steven, who is a master at email marketing and copywriting. Watching a few webinars from Geoff, has already yielded some insights on some tweaks that I can apply immediately to my email marketing.

When you need to get your businesses moving forward having a mentor like Geoff Steven on your team, is a smart business move and learning how to do things right, can easily turn your losses into profits.

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Florence Robertson


I look forward to learning more from Geoff Steven and using the all tools he provides his members at Global NPN.

Definitely a membership worth having – GLOBAL NPN



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