What do I do every day to build my business? – Part 1

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From my last post, we know that being Persistent and Consistent is key to building a successful online business. If you’re already involved with a business, that’s great. If you haven’t decided yet, I urge you to check out GlobalNPN to see if working with us is something that would be a fit for you (use the form to the right).

So once you have a business and you’re ready to be Persistent and Consistent, what are you supposed to do? This is something that many new online entrepreneurs ask.

There are 4 steps that you have to focus on to build your business. Lets start with:

Step #1: Content Creation.

Content is the life-blood of online businesses and can range from a blog post, to an e-book or a video. The key is that it is something that you create and control. Content can be used as a product or a means of driving traffic to a site.

Have you noticed that all the successful online marketers have their own products? Being an affiliate marketer may seem like a less stressful way to have an online business – you don’t have to come up with a product, develop it, create the graphics and sales pages. You don’t have to deal with customer issues or refunds.

But, by being an affiliate you are limiting yourself. You won’t have armies of affiliates promoting your products and generating free traffic for you. Also, you won’t lose income and all your effort when the product you are an affiliate for disappears and you have to start over.

Don’t get me wrong… being an affiliate is a great way to get started in your online business and there are some awesome affiliate programs out there. It allows you to get started quickly and earn an income while you build the pillars of your online business.

For some people being an affiliate may be all they ever want but if you really want to scale up, eventually you will need your own products.

Creating content is something you’ll need to do regularly. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. We can help you with that if you’d like. Drop your email address into the form on the right and we’ll get started. We have all the tools and training you’ll need, all in one place.

Next time, we’ll jump into Step 2 of building a successful online business, so stay tuned.

Talk soon…


After many years of studying online marketing, I'm happy to be working with the Global NPN learning the correct approach to build a long term business from a group of dedicate and successful people. I hope you'll take a good look and decide to join like I did.