What do I do every day to build my business? – Part 3

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Having covered Part 1 and Part 2 of “What do I do every day to build my business?”, we’re well positioned to continue with:

Step 3: Advertise and Build your List


As previously mentioned, to have a successful business, we need to get our products (either affiliate ones or our own) in front of as may people as possible so we increase our odds of making a sale. Without an audience, we don’t really have a business.

When considering methods spreading our message, we have two options: –


To get our message out organically, we would create a website, research the appropriate keywords that will bring in targeted traffic and build pages on the site that target those keywords. We then tell the various search engines that our site is available and wait for them to send traffic.

Although there is minimal expense to using this method (basic hosting and a domain name), the drawback is that it takes time. The search engines will need to determine that your site is of more value to their searchers than other sites that are targeting the same keywords. To stay on top of this requires optimizing your site content (Search Engine Optimization or SEO) and it can take a lot of time before the search engines determine that you should get the traffic. Additionally, it is hard to increase the traffic even when you find keywords that work and if the search engines change their algorithm (which they do regularly), you could lose a first page listing and therefore a lot of your traffic, so less people seeing your advertising, so less money.


Paid traffic will cost you some money. The advantage is that you can get eyes on your message more quickly and you can control the number of eyes… want more views? Buy more traffic! As a Director or Executive member of GlobalNPN, you receive leads every month as part of your subscription and you can purchase more if you want to grow faster (Pop your email into the form at the right to learn more).

Build your list

Many beginner affiliate marketers make a serious mistake starting out that I want you to avoid – they send traffic directly to affiliate links for the products/services they are promoting. Doing this you will leave A LOT of money on the table and potentially cause your online business to fail.

Does that sound like a pretty severe or over-exaggerated statement? Let’s take a look…

Let’s say you and a friend decide to start an online business and that you’ll both buy traffic so you can jump-start your income (although this applies equally to SEO traffic).

Your friend decides that they don’t want to spend any additional money for tools so they send all the leads from their advertising directly to the affiliate link for the product. A percentage of the leads like what they see and make a purchase and your friend gets paid. So what’s the problem? You’ve given up the ability to make another sale to those buyers and you’ve paid to give their contact info to the owner of the affiliate product. Your friend will need to spend more money on advertising to generate more sales.

But maybe the affiliate program pays monthly residual payments, so your friend hasn’t lost out completely and they can build a sizeable residual income. But what happens if the affiliate program shuts down? Now there’s no income and no way to generate additional sales from the buyers your friend purchased and they need to start all over again with a new affiliate program and spend more money to try to replace the lost revenue.

You, on the other hand, because you’ve read this, decide to take a different, slightly more involved process for your business. You arrange so that the leads come to you in a way that you can capture their email addresses before they are sent to your affiliate link. This puts you in the position to be able to stay in contact and build a relationship with these people – even the ones that didn’t buy the product. You can learn about them and find a product that they might be interested in (or create one!) and then generate additional income that your friend had no way of doing.

And if the affiliate programs shuts down? Well, you still have the emails for all the buyers (and non-buyers) so your business can carry on with hardly a glitch as you’re able to send them offers for additional products without you having to start from scratch.

Do you see the difference? It is a game-changer….

Now purchasing the tools you need separately can get expensive but fortunately, GlobalNPN has all the tools you need to run an online business – all in one place as part of your subscription (along with the monthly leads for Directors and executives). In addition, there is all the training that you’ll need to be successful. Pop your email into the form at the right to learn more.

Stay tuned for the final part of this series.

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