Did you get the GDI TE info you requested?

I just wanted to make sure that you got the information that you requested from me recently about how our Team will assist you in placing 6 members in your GDI first level and 6 in their 1st level and so on so you will be making $9,330 per MONTH.

You most likely know that GDI (Global Domains International) is a Fortune 500, debt-free company and is THE premiere home-based business in the world today.

AND it is only $10 per month!

You also may have tried GDI before, either on your own or under some “guru” who then “up-sells” you on some expensive marketing system and then won’t even answer your emails when it doesn’t work!

We work as a TEAM!

We promote a different member each week so they get 6 new people on their 1st level and then we do the same for those people. We send daily updates and we are always available by email.

Most importantly, our concept works!

So, let me ask you.
Is what you are doing now working?
Wouldn’t it be easier having a Team promoting for YOU?
Can you benefit from $9330 per month lifetime residual income?
Is this a free ride? No.

Just as others will promote for you, you will promote for them. But we make it very easy and you WILL see results! There is NO CHARGE to be a member of the GDI Team Elite and no advertising costs!

Do yourself and your family a favor and join with us.
Working for YOUR Success!

Oliver Love,
GDI Team Elite Leader

When you are ready to get started Send Me An gdi@oliverlove.ws
With Subject Line: Send Me The Link!

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