The Many Features of Global NPN (Part 2)

On my previous blog I mentioned about our struggle with the previous affiliate company from customer service, to technical difficulty and feeling like we are a bottom feeder.

We both agree being a member of Global NPN changed everything from the very beginning.

After a week of just checking all the features we both impressed because of its functionality, simplicity and not dealing with the constant stress of attempting to make something work.

Another feature that I got good at is the video features.  I am not only uploading but I am connecting our video with youtube and other social media platforms.


I develop the habit of tweaking how the instant blog react to other platforms our there.

I am not only experimenting but I am also blogging and sharing what I am learning.

Going to the back office of our account is like a library to me.

Everyone who is into learning will truly enjoy these additional features..

“Fast Start, marketing training.

List Building Master Class Video

Solo Ads Video training (9 videos)

Facebook Traffic Video Training (9 videos)

Youtube Traffic Video Training (10 videos)

Hashtag Traffic Video Training (9 videos)

There will be more features on Part 3 which I will be blogging soon.

For the meantime and if you are curious about Global NPN, click this link…


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