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You Are About to Discover the Fastest and Easiest Way to Capture Leads and Sell Products and Services Without Leaving Your Fan Page.


Hard to believe ?  Then listen on….

This new Secret traffic machine makes doing business from your Fan page a level playing field.

Kiss your website goodbye – who wants one anyway?

The developers of this system DID JUST THAT 2 Years ago when they “Walked the walk and talked the talk” with this amazing, innovative solution. They stopped using their Website and used their application extensively to develop a massive membership in just 2 years! Anyone can do this because they teach you step-by-step exactly how they did it …BUT WITH IMPROVEMENTS!

Even if you don’t yet have a Fan page you can soon get one and clip Apps (your own unique pages within Facebook) and start marketing in minutes.

Why Facebook?

Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, the world has been changing rapidly  during the past 3 years. Wit more than 1,200,000,000 (Billion 1.2) users and growing, it is where everyone else is and you need to be there to do business with them.

Proof?  Just observe what happens around you each day as

 *  People pay immediate attention to answering any  call to their smartphone.

 *  Search on their smartphone before they buy

 *  Respond to notifications from smart business  owners.

 *  Check prices and deals – even from your  premises to verify they’re getting best deals

    in town.

We see and hear great success stories every week at the Live Hangouts as more and more would-be hungry online marketers – home based business owners, entrepreneurs and smart thinkers realize the amazing value on offer.

You can get your own Free App  –    Just CLICK the LINK

The easy-to follow instructions will soon help you fashion a page to sell your product from on Facebook.

But That’s Not All…..

You see this is an amazing list generation Software tool and can even capture those mysterious clicks which often in the past, you often paid for yet came up empty-handed and DEVOID of any Contact Details.

Not anymore! You’ll never be left wondering who they were ever again. You’ll be able to receive Facebook verified details of anyone who visits your page, upload that to Facebook and follow up with your offers to them.

Facebook even assists when you use this technique and will help you find Thousands of similar leads – you just need to learn how. And that’s easy because….

 **  The systems easy to learn

 **  Well documented and videoed

Weekly Training hangouts are instantly recorded and backed up so you can learn anytime that suits you!

Not Tech Savvy?  Need Help? Don’t worry others felt the same but the pre-designed Templates make everything so easy.

Take The FREE Offer now and See how easy it is and learn HOW IT COULD CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS!

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You Can Also Earn Your 22 Social App for FREE!

…..Refer 3 Then Yours Is FREE!

More post to this blog later – I’ll see you on the inside


Frank Heath

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I like people to consider me to be a specialist, a sounding board for developing ideas and workable solutions to help people work smarter. My wide experience in production, sales, marketing, change management and training enables me to quickly understand common issues and facilitate ways to energize and streamline a path forward and teach others. I've been online since about 1999. I had early success with SFI and still further success with Justbeenpaid - until the owner decided to retire and on-sell to others. (good bye to my $10,000 per week income!) I was a long time champion of Veretekk and also taught the system to others. For many it was the best program online for many years and has now been superceded or 'morphed' into MarketHive - a place for advanced Internet Marketers (see their Be The Alpha program here: https://markethive.com/frankheathnz. In the past 3 years I've focused on a specialist social media app which adds a whole new dimension to Facebook, for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. That is where I see the immediate future for local business, entrepreneurs, charities and organizations choosing to focus their Internet marketing. So why the change in direction? Answer - Mobile Marketing! It's amazing what one person can accomplish in business these days armed with a modern computer (mobile or PC) smart apps and leading edge social media techniques. The only problem is most business owners and entrepreneurs are too busy working IN their business instead of ON their business to adopt new techniques which could energize and boost results. The world is going mobile and smart phones are replacing PC's and LapTops; Apps are replacing websites. Yet most business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs still struggle to harness social media and mobile marketing techniques to grow their activities and communicate more effectively with their customers. That's where I come in.Leave a message in the 'comment s' area. Come back to this blog often to discover stuff and news you'll love!
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