The 4 Core Elements To Marketing Online

One of the common complaints I hear from people is “finding the right program

that will make money for me”. Its something that resonates with me because I know

I felt the same way when I started out. so I thought I’d try and shed some light

on what i’ve discovered since then.


The fact is most programs, by themselves, won’t make you money – just like

an airplane won’t fly you from A to B – you have first to know HOW to fly then

gain experience to be able to fly where you want to.


Same as a recipe in cooking.  Several people using exactly the same recipe can come

up with different results depending upon their induividual skills and competence.


In each case the recipe, the plane  or program have been designed to help you

accomplish what you want to do but its up to you to apply your knowledge, skills

and competence to achieve the best result you can. Each is just one vital part of

the equation  – but the crucial factor is you, what you already know and how well

you use it.


So it is with most things in Intermnet marketing is no exception which is why so many

people fail to achieve their goals – which by the way are often unrealistic when one

considers previous knowledge and experience.


So what happens is people get frustrated and drop out.

Some blame the program and look for another ‘silver bullet’ and usually finish up

spending most of their time online repeating the same mistake by chasing ‘new shiny objects’


I know. I’ve done it myself. I’ve used excuses like,” I haven’t got time to learn”, or

“I want to fast track my income..” etc.


So what we’re saying here is it behoves you to put some effort into  doing things in

a specific and correct manner if you want to get the results you dream of.


So in many ways, whilst an individual program or tool may appear to be “the best thing

since sliced bread”, what’s every bit as important is the right training to learn how to

get the best out of the program ot tool.


But it doesn’t end there. There’s many instrinsic aspects to Internet Marketing and simple

rules that need to be understood and applied – to set you on a good foundation.It doesn’t

end there either, some basic rules apply all the time – stop using them at your peril!


I watched a training webinar recently by someone who makes zillions online who made this point

very well,  it concerned placing ads online and, more specifically, the link posted in the

Ad and where it lead people to. You see, the way some links are presented don’t work at all

and only drive people away. However, other links presented in a different pattern are less

obtrusive and readers are more likely to give you their email address or subscribe to your

list – even buy product!


As old, experienced comedians will tell you “It ain’t what you say its the way that you say

it”! Whish leads me on to this.


If   You’re intent on internet success and feel you’ve lost your way or not getting the results

you’ve been seeking maybe its time to “say your message a different way” and learn more about

those vital elements that you’ve been missing which, when corrected make all the difference to

how your readers receive your message and deliver better results.


Here’s what I learned and now recommend.. take a look  now then – just click the link and check it out


  • Consistency  in applying the methods
  • Focus on building your LIST!
  • Every Product – Should be a sales funnel
    • ‘Here’s what I have got….’
    • ‘Here’s why you need it……’
  • Process  >> Sales Funnel – Process you move people through to achieve some..
  • Action by them that results in them joining your list
  • Need to be expooised  up to 10 Times to win their interest before they ..
  • consider buying from you.
  • Put your AUTORESPONDER SYSTEM to work for you
    • – Send your follow up and sequentuial emails automatically

When you think about it, you can narrow down success in internet marketing to as little as 4 simple steps – they’re the  4 “core elements” to marketing online.


  1. Creating Content
  2. Sharing and Repurposing
  3. Advertising and Building Your List                      
  4. Analyzing and Adjusting


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