Info Overload?

If you’re suffering from information overload, it’s a sure sign that you’re trying to do too much.
Too many offers, too many tools and too much training.
I can almost hear someone saying “What?! Too much training?! How am I supposed to figure all this out without MORE training!?”
If you’ve felt like that, simmer down little buckaroo.

There’s no need to freak out about it.

In fact, freaking out is counterproductive.

I remember when I first started marketing.

My willingness to buy courses and new tools seemed to have no limits.

My bank account did.

I was on every webinar and teleseminar I could find. I spent so much time on training that I never got anything done.

Every time I bought something new, the process of figuring it out started over again.


I never became really good at anything because I never took the time necessary to make anything work.
Then, before I had even gotten started, another “must have” marketing gizmo would be launched, so of course I had to buy that too.
That process will NOT lead you to success. It WILL lead you to being broke, frustrated, and angry. You’ll probably experience a few more of the uglier emotions, too.
I went through all that and I learned a LOT.

This is too much!

This is too much!


For instance, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to imagine that the stuff you buy will “pay for itself”.
That one will cost you dearly… every time you fall for it.


This time will NOT be different, because you’re probably still operating on the same faulty assumptions as every other time.
The good news is, if you’re still hanging in there, you can still make it all work for you.
But you’ve got to understand that there are only 3 things you MUST do to succeed online.
Here they are…
Listbuilding, Make Offers, and Email Followup.
These 3 components make up your Simple Marketing Funnel.


Everything else you do online must reinforce one of these 3 key areas, or you’ll have very little chance of success.
You don’t need to spend lots of money investing in all kinds of courses and tools to get the job done.
Stick to a solid platform that has everything you need. I call mine the Online Marketing Command Center.
No frills, just the proven tools 180,579 smart marketers have used since 2005.
We’ll also throw in all the training you’ll need to be up and running in less than 2 weeks for only $1.
Get it here while the gettin’s good

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