Right Answers Don’t Sell

You’ve been trained to fail at business from Day 1.

Nobody really meant it to turn out that way (at least I don’t think so) but that was the result.

Here’s how it happened…

All through school you were taught to memorize facts and figures. When it came time for the test, if you remembered what you were told and gave that answer back, you won.

You got good grades and you were rewarded. Every time you repeated what you were taught, you were told you were “right”.

Too bad nobody ever told you what would happen if what you were taught wasn’t accurate.

It’s a shame that instead of learning to think for yourself, you were trained to look to someone else for the answers.

Most tragic of all, you were likely never encouraged to question the things you were taught.

You were probably punished for that. Because of this, you likely want to know what to do before you take a risk.

You understand risk, you just want to make sure you’re doing the “right” thing before you take a leap.

That’s why you’ve been trained to fail.

In business, there is no “right” answer. There are tests that work and tests that fail. You do more of what works and less of what fails. When you have an idea, you test that too. Sometimes you’ll lose money in business. Sometimes you’ll break even, and sometimes you’ll hit it big.

But you’ll never get anywhere until you try something.

It probably won’t work, and that’s OK.

Because the next thing, or the tenth thing after that will work. Sooner or later you’ll get a positive result.

That’s the way winners win.

The losers are still trying to figure out how to guarantee they’ll never fail.

The sad thing is, they never will, because they’ll never take the shot.

Tired of waiting for the perfect answer?

Find out what we’re doing here and….see ya in the winner’s circle.

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