Sinclair the Brontosaurus

February 1, 2017 was the first day we start traveling again.

We started with such a sunny weather that lasted for a week and then snow storm after snow storm took place and our schedule got shuffled around.

When we came back to town I noticed something that I know existed long time ago but never bothered to pay attention to it until recently.

Driving through town I noticed a green dinosaur statue on every Sinclair gasoline stations.  I didn’t know it was not a dinosaur.  It is a Brontosaurus.

Like this one on the corner of Pyramid and McCarran here at Sparks Nevada.

This one in particular will give anyone some opinion as it was standing almost at the stop light perhaps waiting to cross the main road (l0l).

Sinclair the Brontosaurus

When we went back on the road after three days of rest we were back on the road and this time our destination is Gretna Nebraska.

Since was a long stretched of drive we decided to Stop at Little America in Wyoming.

When we woke up we went to the souvenir store and saw more Sinclair stuff such as glass, keychains and especially stuffed toys.

Behind the store I saw a playground and there goes Sinclair statue but I didn’t bothered to take a picture of it.

This week Rebel was stranded in Little America again for a day because the road closed due to heavy winter snow storm.

Glad he took a picture of Sinclair this time with a snow on its back.

Sinclair 2

Because of curiosity I did some researched and found more than what I needed to know.

Here is a short info about the named..During September 1919, Harry F. Sinclair restructured Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation, Sinclair Gulf Corporation, and 26 other related entities into Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corporation. In 1932, this new entity was renamed Consolidated Oil Corporation. In 1943, it was renamed Sinclair Oil Corporation.

The headquarter is located in Salt Lake Utah and it owned Grand America Hotels and Resorts.

Interesting fact don’t you think?

Speaking of Hotels and Resorts you probably wondering where are we staying and why we can afford it.

What is I tell you we are a member of Travel Club which allow us to stay in expensive sorts and hotels.

And you can do the same once you become a member.

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