contemplating independence…

my purpose in becoming a member of Global NPN was to declare my independence.

what that meant for me was deciding to step outside my comfort zone, commit to the process and start making videos.

that decision brought up all kinds of issues for me. ( just the thought of it makes me want to puke because of fear, or start crying)

I’m working through them.

reminding myself that practice makes perfect., realizing I MUST begin practicing.

I’ve decided to declare my independence on July 4th.

gonna do a facebook livestream. and continue for 90 days creating content, sharing what I am learning from this membership site.

yikes! did I just type that?

I know in a week I will be laughing about how scared I was right now, thinking about it, setting a date.

the good news is, it will be over in two days.

Deborah Tracy

an entrepreneurial hippie, I spent most of my working life in the healing arts. beginning in the late 70's, growing sprouts in my backyard, eventually having a "brick & mortar" storefront; LIVING GREENS, sprout garden, market and eatery. Now in my retirement years, I look forward to growing a virtual business as I help others learn the art of internet marketing, while I continue to 'play in the dirt' for pleasure and food.

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