Things that Make Ya Go Hmmm

Sooner or later, they’re gonna show up.

Some call ’em haters.

I think they’re funny.

What kinda bonehead opts in to an email list (or newsletter, etc.) and then sends hate mail back to the person who owns the list?

Does that make any sense to you?

I’m bettin it don’t.

Because let’s face it.

That kinda stuff don’t make no sense at all.

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But it’s gonna happen.

When you’re dealing with other people (and if you’re doing anything, you surely are) then you’re gonna hafta deal with all the things that make us humans interesting.

You know what I’m talkin’ about don’t ya?

Heck, I know that even I have my own lapses of sanity.

It’s working to overcome them and makin’ ourselves better people that makes life so much fun.

Here’s a bit of advice…

When they show up, as they most certainly will, ignore them.

And then do what I did today.

I searched for the aforementioned bonehead on my list and unsubscribed him.

Who wants friends like that anyway?

There’s a very important reason why this is the best course of action.

It’s because it’s good for your self-image.

If you’re listening to a bunch of losers giving you crap about your emails (that they requested) sooner or later it’s gonna get ya down.

And when you’re down, you’re not exactly gonna put out your best stuff.

So don’t let ’em get ya down.

Unsubscribe them, ban them and delete them.

Then continue sharing your message with the cool people that wanna hear

You’ll find everything you need to do exactly that right here

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