Hello From SW Florida

This is my FIRST Post

I don’t quite know what I’m doing yet but I’m here to help.

Hang out with me and watch me learn.

I’ll keep you up-to-date

Shelley Benton



I'm originally from the Rochester, NY area but moved to SW Florida over 30 years ago. I spent 8 years travelling in Europe with a music group (I'm a trumpet player) and when I returned to the states I wanted to have my own business. I joined MANY different "companies" only to find out they were scams and lost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Recently (2015) I started my own business (Benton Marketing Group) and now I work as an affiliate for a couple of different (proven) companies. I haven't lost any money and am in fact making money but I will say this is NO GET RICH quick scheme. I work hard and long but I see the light at the end of the tunnel (no it's not a train coming at me) and see retirement in the near future. I know by 2020 I will have a successful business that is generating more income than I know what to do with. I want that so I can give money away. I have several degrees from having an insurance license, accounting certificate, a nursing degree, a counseling/case management degree, and now a social worker degree. I love all those fields but I've worked hard and long and at my age have nothing to show for any of it. I believe with my own business I will have MUCH to show and share.

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  • Ricky M Wylie

    Nice Job, Shelley. !

  • Todd Crant

    I have never blogged before, so here goes – blog blog blog blogitty blog blog