Need More Traffic?

One of the biggest myths out there is that if you just have enough traffic, you will make sales. But that’s simply not the case. You see, it’s not about the amount of traffic you have, it’s about the quality of the traffic and the relationship and trust you have with that traffic. The thing is….you can have a million visitors and still not make sales because you aren’t connecting with those visitors….

Or you can have 100 visitors a day and do tons of business…

The real key is in the trust and relationship you build with your visitors…


Let me make a bold statement:

Building a List is Not Going to Make You Rich

You’ve probably heard that “the money is in the list”. But the truth of the matter, just building a big list doesn’t make sales happen – you have to cultivate and nurture a relationship with that list. Not just the list – but the people on that list.

You see, I’ve been there, done that, but I’ll tell you what I like better…and that is building trust based relationships with people who like and trust me enough to buy from me…

What about you?

Do you want to build a big list and struggle to make sales?
Or would you rather build relationships with people who won’t do business with anyone else?

Here’s the thing. There are many places on the Internet that promise you a large list, that’s easily done by what I call market cullers, they just get names from the Internet (legally) but these names are not focused names, they are randomly chosen and put on list after answering a few statements asked by those who cull name for the purpose of selling you list after list. More often than not these people on the list are not byers they are what is called “Tire Kickers” they come to you site ask questions, get you ready to present then say “Well I was just looking around see ya.” Or worse they stick around and lean towards buying and enticing you to give them something to sweeten the pot so they will, and when they get it, they disappear. Ever experienced that?

Well stay with me, I have something to show you that will overcome that problem, and will sweeten your wallet, Trust me on this, you will really like this.

Until next episode stay fresh and healthy.


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