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I have just completed Mission 10 so I had to write my first post. I think I will tell you what I think about Global NPN up to this point. IT IS AWESOME!!! I have been involved with online marketing since mid-December and this program is the one I wish I had have found then. I have learned a lot and I vowed never to give up.

Along the way I realized what I needed to succeed, but I never actually found any program that I was excited or passionate about. I have probably sent out 200,000 ads through “click for credit” mailers. OH, I got response, plenty of clicks because pretty much everyone that was clicking was clicking for credits just like me. I realized I needed those clickers added to my “list”… BUT, I had no idea how to do that. Even after reading tutorials and joining this and that program, i STILL couldn’t figure out the whole process.

Now, I ran across Global NPN some time ago but I didn’t join until recently. The first program I joined in mid-December was Wealthy Affiliate. I started the training and went through a couple of weeks worth. I followed the instructions and had SO much training ahead of me. I saved each day’s training I completed and every time I went back, it took me to the beginning again… Everyone says that 97% of the people who start in internet marketing fail. I can easily tell you that 97% or more of the people who join Wealthy Affiliate get frustrated and either look for something easier or just give up altogether.

Well, I vowed never to quit so I began looking for other programs. The second I joined was a scam, but luckily I did get a refund. The third was very good and it delivered all he promised up to a point. I have taken a lot of training, got all hyped up only to find out I need to buy a license continue…

Well, after joining several programs, like i said, I have learned a lot. I knew what I needed to be successful. I knew what I had to do. SO, I had to stop and reload. I had saved several programs I was interested in so I went back to check them out… Global NPN and a couple of others were very tempting. NO, Global NPN wasn’t the least expensive but they offered everything I was looking for.

SO, I joined. As I went through the training I found what I was missing. The training is AWESOME and the way Geoff explains everything step my step in the training videos is GREAT. I like it when something doesn’t work quite right and he has to try something else. Even he laughs about it, and that, friends, shows that he is human. When he was trying to login to his email accounts and couldn’t remember the passwords and he realized his caps was locked on.

The video training actually matches what we are trying to set up. I have taken training, watching the tutorials that were outdated, trying to set up an autoresponder that was up-to-date. The video DID NOT match and it was very frustrating. If you are not familiar with a computer, building a website, making squeeze pages, setting up an autoresponder, etc., you are depending on your training to show you how it all works. Geoff’s training on Global NPN is right on the money!

Even though I have just finished Mission 10, I know the rest of the training will be equally as GREAT. I am glad I joined Global NPN and look forward to the rest of the training and going to work making an income online.

I want to thank Geoff for putting this great program together and helping so many people getting started successfully. I can confidently promote Global NPN because I know it won’t be a disappointment for anyone who joins and wants to build an income online.

SO, I will close in saying… Be happy, stay healthy and be prosperous!

Lonnie Miller

Lonnie Miller

Hello there! I guess this is where I tell you a little about myself, huh? That is the part I have the most trouble with. I started my business career back in 1985 by becoming co-owner and manager of one of the oldest and largest mail-order hatcheries in the world... I was 25. I learned the business from some of the best in the business. I learned about advertising and promotion by advertising in various publications nationwide, mailing out catalogs to our active and potential customers and hoping the orders would come in. My "partners" were over 70 and cared very little about the business. I heard one say one time the only thing he wanted was a place to go drink his morning coffee. Because of poor business practices in their later years and bad flock management (which I was fixing), the state stepped in and was going to close the business. Another hatchery bought us out, who also knew nothing about poultry breeding. He said it was all about advertising. He tad taken over his father-in-law's hatchery and when he died, he also closed his business. I had pondered the idea about online marketing for quite sometime, so in December 2016 I decided to give it a shot... I was 56 and unemployed. SO, I joined this program and that one, promoted them on various mailers and thought I was giving it my best shot... I guess the passion wasn't really in what I was promoting because almost absolutely nothing happened. So many programs don't provide what they promote and I refused to promote them. If something isn't working for me, like their tools, then it won't work for others that sign up. I ran across Global NPN a few times while "clicking for credits" on some of the mailers and saved the site in my reading list. I was looking for something I couldn't find... I kept going back to Global NPN and FINALY I signed up. It was like a MIRACLE!!! Everything I was looking for and needed to be successful in online marketing was right there all along! The training is EXCELLENT and EVERYTHING WORKS! The set up is quick, simple, customizable, and IT WORKS! I have been a blogger for a long time, starting back in 2009 with a blog called The Mystical Mansion and Garden. My current blog is The Belmont Rooster. I am a gardener and small farmer in rural mid-Missouri and that is mainly what the blog is about. I had this blog all set up perfectly before but I had to delete it. Now I am trying to get it back like it was before... It's a work in progress again. https://thebelmontrooster.com My passion is gardening but now I also have Global NPN... I look forward to meeting you online, wherever you may be. Here's to your health, success, and prosperity! Lonnie Miller

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    Excellently said Lonnie! I believe this platform is necessary and worthy every penny! There is great commissions to be made here too! Thanks for sharing your story!